There are over a dozen different spellings of the family name. I list here both those accepted by most of us and those that are considered too unlikely to be of the family. I include the latter because their study may lead to related branches of the family.

A search of the 2001 European Telephone Directory revealed 14 THEVELINs in France and 42 in Belgium but no TEVELEINs or TEVELINs. French White Pages


Spelling Occurance
TEVELEIN  The generic and modern spelling. First recorded at the baptism of Albin in 1607 in the Walloon Church as the name of his mother, Susane TEVELEIN and a witness Anne TEVELEIN This raises the question, "Was there already an English link?" Seen then again, in England in 1778 at the St Andrew's baptism of Catherine TEVELEIN d/o Richard & Mary and then again in 1804 in St Asphage's at the baptism of John TEVELEIN s/o James TEVELEIN & Lucy-Maria Lamberton. Thereafter this is the spelling used by the family to this day.
THEVELIN A spelling used consistently in the records of the Protestant Church at Guines.
THEUELIN An alternative spelling of Loys' name at his marriage in the Walloon Church in 1598.
TEVELIN A rogue misspelling at the marriage in 1682 of Marie to the widow Jean LE HOUCQ in Guines even in the presence of Jacob[1] whose name also is misspell. Used in the Walloon Church and the Malthouse Chapel from 1707 onwards.
TEVELAIN A rogue misspelling at the Malthouse in 1726 and  at St Asphage's in 1732  and strongly associated with Whitstable as is TEVELANE.
TIFLAINE TIBLAIN TIVELAIN TIVELEIN Spelling found in St Asphage's Church records where the family was using a local English parish church.
TEVOLINE A spelling used at the wedding in St Andrew's of Jacob[X] TEVOLINE in 1706. This Jacob came from Swallcliff
TEVELANE A spelling used in Swalecliff parish for many baptisms of children of Jacob[X], probably Jacob[3] with both Magdalene CLERK and Sarah SANDCROFT and also here at the burial of Jacob[1]. See Profile of Jacob[3]
TIVELAIN Strangely this spelling was used at the baptism of Cordelia TIVELAIN, also the d/o James TEVELEIN and Lucy-Maria and and at the burial of Mathew, possibly also their son when a year old. The spelling occurs relatively  frequently at St Alphage's, St Mary's and All Saints in the 1750s and 1790s
TEULIN Jacob TEULIN married at St Mary's in 1749 may not be related.
TEVLIN Not an alternative spelling of TEVELIN. Mostly in Ireland and Scotland.
TEUELIN The occurrence when Louys THEVELIN is in England and not a principal, points to the absence of an "H" being English and the "U" being a local phonetic spelling.
TESVELIN TEUELEIN TEUELON TEVELIEN TEVELIU THEUILIN THEULIN  Variations found in Walloon Church Records. Most of these alternatives occur when the names appear as witnesses or assistants and not when they are the principals at a ceremony. Leads to the belief that clerics are a law unto their careless selves unless sat on or watched very closely.
TIVELIN Used at Threadneedle St. in 1705 and 1745 as a Temorin or witness. Notice the reference to Amsterdam Also found in the BTs of the parish of Herne for a Jacob
TURVILLON Found in St Peter's in 1718 and 1719 along with the names JODUAINE and RIQUEBOURG
SEE also Peter Read's Notes (PR1) for more spellings identified in particular church records.

The explanations for different spellings include:

    • Carelessness by cleric
    • Local phonetic spelling
    • Substitution of letters
    • Errors at ceremonies
    • Family preference
    • Distant relatives
    • Unrelated families

I should add to this list: If it is any consolation to my younger son Simon Teverlin Bates, that an excited and incompetent father, even given the names on a piece of paper, can fail to refer to that paper when in the presence of the registrar. 

Two sites that give an insight into some current occurrence and locations  of our name in France are White Pages  and NotreFamille


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