Tevelein Resources


Andrea Vogel

Back in 2001, in responce to a constant stream of questions from us all, Andrea extracted many records from a number of Canterbury church archives. She posted these on Huguenots-Walloons-Europe-L@rootsweb.com. You may care to subscribe to this list on HUGUENOTS-WALLOONS-EUROPE-D-request@rootsweb.com.

Without Andrea's kindness, professionalism and patience we would never have amassed the detail included in this site and have traced our links to Jean THEVELEIN. Thank you so much.

Andrea's research notes are found on these pages:-

Notes AV1 - TEVELEIN records in Canterbury Churches
Notes AV2 -


Anne Bartlett

Anne Bartlett has published a very comprehensive Web Site that fully details the Australian descendents of Jean THEVELEIN and includes pictures and newspaper cuttings of the life of John TEVELEIN.

Notes AB1 - Isaac[1] and Isaac[2]
Notes AB2 - Prudence and John TEVELEIN's passage to Australia
Notes AB3 - Note concerning Christian Names
Notes AB4 - A Tevelein Marriage

John Garth Tevelein

Notes JGT1 - John Tevelein's marriage to Prudence in 1850

Lyn Hoare

Notes LH1 - The History of Prudence Garth prior to her Passage to Australia. (New)

Peter Read

Notes PR1 - Genealogy Notes

Nancy Roberts

Notes NR1 - Concerning the hunt for a link between Louis THEVELIN



Fisher Resources


Chris Graham Rowe

Chris Graham Rowe provides a powerful resource on Rootsweb that gathers together data from Census returns for England & Wales and from Public Member Websites applicable, not only to FISHER & GIBBENS, but to many family branches. From here you can navigate through many generations and family lines.