Three Canterbury Families


Freemen of Canterbury


Name Ancestry DOB Born Occupation Record
Pierre TEVELIN s/o Jean  & Marie BUNNE 1643 Guemp later Marcq Labourer Guines Marriage
Jacob [1] THEVELIN s/o Jean & Marie BUNNE 1651 Ofquerque et dem't  Guemp Labourer Guines Marriage
Isaac[1] THEVELIN s/o Jean  & Marie BUNNE 1654 La paroise du Marcq Labourer Guines Marriage
Abraham LE DOUX Spouse of Marie TEVELIN 30 ans in 1682 Oye "Mannourier"  or is it Manoeuvrer? Marriage at Guines
Jacob[4]  s/o Jacob[1] & Anne 1696 Canterbury Weaver  1711 Weaver's Company
Jacob TEVELAIN   [4?] ? ?   Churchwarden  c 1735 St Mary's Northgate
Isaac[3] s/o Isaac[2] 1707 Canterbury Wool comber 1737 Freeman's List
Richard s/o Isaac[3] 1736 Canterbury Peruke maker 1758 Freeman's list
Charles s/o Isaac[3] 1737 Canterbury Peruke maker 1760 Freeman's list
James s/o Isaac[3] 1742 Canterbury Wool comber  1760 Freeman's list
Benjamin TIVELAIN (22) s/o Jacob[6] & Martha 29 Jan 1764 Canterbury Wool comber Marriage at St Alphage
James TEVELEIN s/o Richard & Mary 7 Sep 1766 Canterbury Peruke-mkr/hairdrssr Anne Bartlett
Abraham m Elizabeth PORTER 1742 Canterbury Labourer 1767 Freeman's List
Edward TIVELEIN       Taylor 1768 Freeman's list
Joseph s/o Isaac[3] 1750 Canterbury Printer 1774 Freeman's list
John TIVLAINE ? ?   Victualler 1785 Freeman's list
James  s/o Richard 1766 Canterbury Peruke maker 1788 Freeman's list
Matthew Thomas s/o Richard 1773 Canterbury Silk weaver 1795 Freeman's list
Joseph s/o Joseph 1776 Canterbury Printer 1797 Freeman's list
John TEVELEIN s/o James 13 May 1804 Canterbury Collar maker; Saddler Anne Bartlett
Jacob[7] s/o Isaac[4] & Isabella  1741 Canterbury Dredger Arthur Cook
Ann Tevelein Sister of Isabella? 1832 Canterbury Milliner and dressmaker Reynolds Directory