Louis Tevelyn

Profiles & Occupations


Abt  1540, natif de Armentieres

23 June 1599. Louis was naturalised a British subject on 18 February 1590.
Marriages Anne LANSEL m Abt 1565.    d 1597  
Francoise DE LA RUE, m 1598           d  natifue de Armentieres.
Children Marie   nat Zandwich m Johan du FOREST 1591  
Joseph Anne LANSEL      
Anne m David KING
m Jean LAMOTTE abt 1607
 d 1626
Jane   . m Matthieu ROUSSELL abt 1592  
Susanne Anne LANSEL   m Jacques BENNET 1600
m Pierre de RICQBOURG 1607
Rode Anne LANSEL      
Benjamin   Canterbury ? bap Walloon 1592  
Marguerite Francoise D la R   bap Walloon 1599 buried next day d 1599

These notes are from the Records of the Walloon Church Canterbury

5 March 1597
Death of Anne LANSEL wife of Louis THEULIN

20 January 1598 Marriage Contract between LOUIS TEVELEIN assisted by Jacques LE CLERCQ, his brother in law, Jan LANSEL his brother in-law, Jean DU FOREST, his beau fils and Mattieu ROUSSEL his future beau fils and Jooryne LANCEL his belle socur and Franchois DE LA RUE, daughter of the late GILLES, assisted by Jean LAGUEL her cousin. --- Gilles BONNET her first cousin  --- Antoine LE BLANC and Andrian BACLER. Mention of Joseph, Susanne and Rode THEVELEIN, children of the said Loys by Anne LANSEL,late his wife. There is mention of property of the said Loys at Lille. (Vol ll,  No 122)
12 February 1598 Marriage of Loys THEULIN, vefu, natif de Armentieres Et Francoise DE LA RUE, fille de feu Gilles, natifue de Armentieres.
9 February 1599 Death of Marguerite daughter of Louis THRVELIN
23 June 1599 Death of Loys THEVELIN
10 August 1602 Marriage contract between Antoine LE COMTE and Francois DE LA RUE, widow of Loys THEVELIN assisted by Jean DU FOREST her brother in law and Jacques BONNET and Jean LAGNEL her god father. mention of Sarra LE COMTE (daughter)
2 September 1602 Marriage of Antoine  LE CONTE vefu, natif de Tournay Et Francoise DE LA RUE Ve(fue)  de feu Louis THEUELIN natifue d'Armentieres


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