Jacob[4] Tevelin

Profiles & Occupations

Isaac[1] THEVELIN & Elizabeth DOSSELART
1696 - First child born in Canterbury to Isaac[1] and Elizabeth
Probably baptised Walloon Church - no record seen
Ester ELVIN - m Abt.  1717

Marriages Ester ELVIN m Abt.  1717  

Isaac[4] b 1719 Malt-house m. Isabella abt 1741 d.
Jacob[5] b 1720 Malt-house   d.
Elizabeth b 1722 Malt-house   d.
Marie b 1724 Malt-house   d.
b 1726 Malt-house   d.
b 1728 Malt-house   d.
Sara b 1729 Malt-house   d.
Jeanne b 1731 Malt-house   d.
Jean b 1733 Malt-house   d.
Ester b 1735 Malt-house   d.
Benjamin b 1736 Malt-house   d.
Pierre b 1738 Malt-house m. Jane abt 1757 d.


I have not see the record of Jacob[4]'s baptism but it is most likely to be at the Walloon Church. The IGI
entry is erroneous in that his date of death appears to occur before marriage date.

Became a weaver apprentice to Abraham CANTER -record in Court Book of Weaver's Company of London 1711 - when aged 15. Huguenot Society Quarto Series Volume 33: Extracts from the Court Books of the Weavers' Company of London (Film # 962139).