Isaac[3] Tevelin

Profiles & Occupations

Isaac[2] TAVELIN and Elizabeth OLIVE
19 Mar 1708 Canterbury
21 Mar 1708 Walloon Church
19 Oct 1734 Ann PICARD  Canterbury d/o Richard PICARD
14 Apr 1779 Canterbury
Marriages Ann PICARD  19 Oct 1734  
Children Richard b. 1736 St Paul's m Mary CLARKE 1764 d 1784 St Mildred's
Charles b. 1737 St Paul's    
James b. 1739      
James b. 1742     d. 1762 St Mildred's
John b.  1746      
Hester b. 1748      
Joseph b. 1750   m Mary BRICE 1773 d. 1794
Benjamin b. 1754     d. 1754 St Mildred's

Deduced from dates, that Richard and Charles were baptised at St Paul's, the church used by the PICARD family. The records are not clear.

Isaac[3] became a Freeman of Canterbury by marriage.

Ann's PICARD's father Richard, a grocer, was a Freeman by marriage (1706) to Jane Jenkenson b 1711,  whose father, also a grocer,  was himself a Freeman.