Isaac[1] Thevelin

Profiles & Occupations


1678-24=1654; 1682-28=1654,  in Marcq

14 Feb 1676,  Ester DU FOUR of Commune de Guines, in Guines
14 Jun 1682,  Elizabeth DOSSELART of Boissenarde,  in Guines

Marriages  Ester DU FOUR of Commune de Guines, in Guines   m. 14 Feb 1676 Elizabeth DOSSELART  m. 14 Jun 1682
Children Marie b.1677 to Ester bas Marcq    
Isaac[2] b 1683 to Elizabeth bas Marcq m Elizabeth OLIVE 1706 d.1764
Elizabeth b.1685 Marcq    
Elizabeth b.1688 Cadzand    
Abigael b.1690 Cadzand    
Jean b.1691 Cadzand    
Jacob[4] b.1696 Canterbury m Ester ELVEN 1717  
Jeanne b.1698 Canterbury    
Marie b.1702 Canterbury    
Abraham b.1705 Canterbury    

1682 Elizabeth and her brother Abraham witness the baptism of Jacob[3] who was born at Fort Bruile
1683 and Jan, 1685  Living in Marcq with his second wife Elizabeth DOSSELART
1685 did not witness baptism in Guines of niece Anne born to Jacob[1] in June of this year.
The family moved to Cadzand in the Netherlands about 1685 and then to England about 1695.

The restoration of Charles 2nd in 1660, saw all non-conformists driven underground and persecuted until 1689. Nevertheless they continued to meet in almost every village of the Weald of Kent, but endured fines and imprisonment.
1678 Peace of Nijmegen. End of the war between France, the Dutch, Germans and Spain.
France gains territory from Spain.
Attacks on Huguenots across France.1683 France invades Belgium and occupies Luxembourg and Lorraine. 1685-1688 James ll, a Roman Catholic, was on the English throne.

1683 Isaac [2] born in marcq on 16 Sept to Isaac [1] THEVELIN and Elizabeth DOSSELART and bap in Guines on 26 Sept 1683.
1683 Dragonnardes organized to harass households of Huguenots in France.
1684 Elizabeth born to Isaac [1] THEVELIN  and Elisabeth in in Marcq 28 Dec and bap in Guines  1 Jan 1685 . Died in infancy. The family moved to Cadzand in the Netherlands about 1685.

Interestingly, and confounding this deduction based on the Guines record of Elizabeth's baptism, the name TEVELYN appears on List B in the record of the Register of the Walloon Church of Cadzant. This is a list of French Refugees who have settled in the District of Cadzand. "TEVÉLYN, Isaack, his wife and three children."
The list is dated 28 December 1683

1687 Huguenot Relief Committee in London aided 600 Huguenots in their move to VA. Many Huguenots going to New World - so this was an option.
1687 Isaac[1]chose Netherlands rather than England before the Glorious Revolution had occurred. Prefers Netherlands because it is Protestant, in league with England against the French and the better bet at the time.
1688 - England's 'Glorious Revolution'; William III of Orange is invited to save England from Roman Catholicism, lands in England, James II flees to France.
1688 - For 100 years, till the death of Bonnie Prince Charlie, England feels the threat of an invasion from France
1689 Grand Alliance of the League of Augsburg, England, and the Netherlands join forces against the French. 1689-1702 William on throne.

1688 Elizabeth ff d' to Isaac[1] and Elizabeth DOSSELART born on 26 Sept 1688 and baptised on 3 Oct 1688 in Cadzand.>
1690 Abigael born to Isaac [1]  THEVELIN  and Elisabeth in Cadzand in April1691 Jean born to Isaac [1]  THEVELIN  and Elisabeth in Cadzand in Oct.

1694 Mary ll dies. Although she was a Protestant she was the daughter of the Catholic James ll. I think, on this news of her death Isaac[1] was confident enough to come to England with others of his community.  Under the rule of Louis XIV (1659-1715), the French made sustained efforts to extend their control over the Spanish Netherlands and Isaac might well have decided it was necessary to avoid French persecution yet again and flee before it was too late, this time to England.

Change of plan and they moved to Canterbury about 1695.
1696 Jacob [4] born to Isaac [1] THEVELIN and Elisabeth DOSSELART in Canterbury, followed by Jeaune 1698, Marie 1702 and Abraham 1705. They attend the Walloon Church in Canterbury.

The questions to ask when reviewing the history are:

1. Why did Isaac[1] opt for the Netherlands when so many others were fleeing to England at the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes?
What events in England dissuaded him from this choice?
2. Why did he not opt for the new World? Did he have relatives in the Netherlands or England who had emigrated earlier? Where were the other  DOSSELART family members?
Recorded at this time at Cadzand are the baptisms of the children of Marie and Abraham,  probably the brother and sister of Elizabeth DOSSELART; so maybe family and and the short distance of 90 miles influenced his choice.
3. Was his move to the Netherlands intended to be temporary or did events cause him to move on to England?  Was it an error of judgement?
4. If it was a temporary haven why did he not move to England in 1688 when William took the English Crown?  What was France up to at this time?
5. What part did the birth and age of their children play in the decisions to move.
6. Would the death of Mary II in 1694 be a factor in Isaac[1]'s decision to leave the Netherlands for England?
7. Did he take Marie Bunne his mother with him? What happened to the families of Pierre and Jacob[1] whose last known child, Anne, was born in 1685?   There is no reference to these in the Cadzand records. However Jacob[1] death is recorded at Swalescliffe 29 April 1716.