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Tevelein Genealogy Notes


The Tevelin family were Hugenot's. Their parish was the Walloon or Stranger's Church, initially in the Malthouse, Canterbury, later sited in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. Hugenot records were kept from the 1580's, although many were lost in the 17th Century. Records usually record the maiden name of the wife in a marriage. There are few records of deaths. The records are now published in a book, a copy of which is in Canterbury Cathedral Archives[4]. Unattributed information is taken from St Alphage, Canterbury Parish Register held at Canterbury Cathedral Archive Centre. Births, deaths and marriages are at St Alphage, unless otherwise stated. There is a wide variety of spellings of the surname, from Tevelin to Tiblain

The wife of Jacques Thevelin, Marye Guyo, died on 2/8/1593[4].

Louis Tevelin married Anne Lansel[4]. Louis is described as Louys on several documents. In 1595, a deed was executed leaving property to Louys, amongst others, in his capacity as husband of Anne, from the effects of the late Jean Lansel, her brother. Anne died on 5/3/1596.
Susanne m Jacques Bonnet, son of Nicholas of Tournay on 7/9/1600[4]
Benjamin chr 20/2/1591/2(os)
Jane m Mathieu Rousell, son of Gorgue on 29/1/1597/8(os) [4].

Louis Tevelin married Francoise De La Rue on 12/2/1597/8(os). The marriage contract was signed 20/1/1597/8(os). He is recorded as having three children, Joseph, Susanne and Rode by his previous wife Anne who had died. In the marriage record, he is described as Loys, a native of Armentieres. Francoise was the daughter of Gilles De La Rue, also a native of Armentieres. Lois died on 23/6/1599 and Francoise was married again on 2/9/1602 to Anthoine Le Conte of Tournay[4]. The marriage contract was signed on 10/8/1602.
Marguerite chr 8/2/1598 d 9/2/1598/9(os) [4].

James Tevelin, a yeoman of Swalecliffe married Matilda Clarke of Herne at St Andrews on 29/5/1706[9]. Jacob Tevelein a widower married Sarah Sandcott, a widow, both of Swalecliffe at St Mary, Canterbury on 30/9/1718[9]. Jacob (James) Tevelein, a widower of Swalecliffe married Mary Allen a widow of Whitstable at St Alphage, Canterbury on 3/1/1723[9]. Sacar Holt married Mary Tevelain of Whitstable on 13/1/1732(o.s.) at St Alphage.. Isaac Tivelain married Isabella Kemp, both of Whitstable on 19/2/1733. Jacob Tevelen, a dredger (aged 24) married Mary Browning (aged 24) both of Whitstable on 13/2/1765[9]. Thomas Sennock a dredger (aged 26) married Mary Tevelein (aged 22), both of Whitstable on 4/2/1765. John Wright married Elizabeth Tivelain, both of Whitstable on 23/2/1771[9].

Isaac Tevelin and Elizabeth Doselor[4]
Jacob b 23/12/1696 chr 27/12/1696 (Tevelein)
Jeanne b 20/5/1698 chr 29/5/1698

Isaac Tevelin. Was his wife a non-hugenot as no wife is recorded in the births, or is he one of the other two Isaac's identified? [4]
Marie b 15/9/1702 chr 19/7/1702
Abraham b 23/10/1705 chr 1/11/1705
Abraham b 17/2/1711/12(os) chr 24/2/1711
Elizabeth b 4/2/1713/14(os) chr 7/2/1713
Jenne(f) b 18/3/1716/17(os) chr 24/3/1716

Isaac Tevelin and Elizabeth Olive[4]
Isaac chr 21/3/1707/8(os)
Dina b 31/12/1709 chr 1/1/1709/10(os)
Ann b 26/6/1715 chr 3/7/1715
Jean b 26/2/1718/19(os) chr 1/3/1728
Marie b 23/4/1722 chr 29/4/1722
Jacob chr 11/4/1725

[4] Hugenot Registers

Jacob Tevelin married Esther Elven.
Isaac born and chr 4/7/1719 Malt House[4]
Jacob b 25/10/1720 chr 6/11/1720[4]
Elizabeth b 16/9/1722 chr 6/9/1722[4]
Matthieu b and chr 23/4/1726 (Tevelain)
Ester b and chr 8/3/1727/8(os) (mother recorded as Ester)
Sarah b 26/6/1729 chr 29/6/1729
Jeanne b and chr 14/1/1730/1(os) (Tevelain)
Jean b 10/5/1733 chr 13/5/1733
Ester b 26/4/1735 chr ?/4/1735
Benjamin chr 23/10/1736[1]

Elizabeth, daughter of James Emms and Dinah Tevelin was christened on 18/5/1740[3]. Francis Tibelein was buried on 16/11/1745[7]. Jacob Tevelein married Sarah Burbridge, both of St Nicholas at Wade, on 21/9/1747[9]. Samuel Tiblain married Anne Hall, both of St George's on 26/12/1749. Mary Ann Tevelein, chr 19/2/1748(os) [2]. James Tevelein was buried 29/11/1763[2] at a cost of 4s 6d. Thomas Tevelein was buried 1/12/1771 at a cost of 5s. Jacob Tevelein was buried 23/10/1774 at a cost of 5s 6d. Richard Tevelein, aged 4, was buried, having been carried to St Mildred's on 8/9/1784, cost of 4s 6d[2]. Mary Ann Tevelein aged 44, buried and carried to St Mildred's 11/12/1786, cost 6s 4d[2]. Elizabeth Tevelein aged 24 of the Workhouse, St Alphage, was buried on 2/3/1787[2]. Hester Tivelaine aged 23 was buried on 2/3/1788[2]. Charles Tevelein aged 3 was buried on 2/1/1791, having been carried to a chapel churchyard. Catherine Tevelin had a base born daughter, Mary Ann, christened 14/4/1799[5]

Abraham Tivelein married Ann Holbrook on 22/8/1740. Abraham came from Northgate and Ann from St Pauls[9]. Abraham had died before his son Abraham was born[10]
Abraham chr 15 Aug 1742 Saint Paul's, Canterbury, m Elizabeth Porter, also of St Paul's 22/4/1765[10].

Jacob Teulin of St Mary Northgate married Elizabeth Peters of St Mary's after banns on 20/4/1747[5]

ISAAC TEVELIN married ANN PICARD on 19/10/1734. Isaac was from St Mildred's and Ann from St Paul's, both Canterbury[9]. Their surname is variously recorded Tiblain, Tuclain in the parish register of St George.
Richard chr 20/4/1736[10]
Charles chr 10/8/1737[10]
James (Tiblain) chr 1/10/1739[7]
James (Tiblain) chr 13/5/1742[7]
John (Tuclain) chr 21/10/1746[7]
Hester (Tevlein) chr 9 Dec 1748[7] bur 30/12/1748 (Tivlein)
JOSEPH chr 24/10/1750[7]
Benjamin chr 12//8/1754[3]

John and Sarah Tevelin
Elizabeth chr 17/4/1750[3]
Isaac chr 14/8/1753
John (Tivelain) chr 17/8/1757

Peter and Jane Tevelein lived in the parish of St Alphage2. Jane was born about 1725 and was buried on 27/12/1798[2].
Hester chr 9/9/1757[2] (Tiflaine)
Mary chr 30/9/1759[2]
James chr 9/6/1762[2]
Elizabeth chr 18/3/1764[2]

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Jacob Tivelien married Martha Mockett at St Alphage on 15/2/1763.
Benjamin chr 29/1/1764[2], a woolcomber, married Sarah Hills (aged 30) 24/12/1786 at St Alphage, at cost of 2s 6d[9]
Elizabeth-Sarah chr 4/9/1768
Sarah chr 4/11/1770[2] of St Alphage m Thomas Wybrow of St Andrews, a barber (aged 22) on 3/5/1793[2] at cost of 2s 6d.

JOSEPH TEVELEIN married MARY BRICE by licence on 3/3/1773 at St Mildred's, after the banns were not published because of a mistake, according to the parish register. Witnesses were Isaac Tevelein, Joseph's father (mother Ann Picard, above) and William Brice, possibly Mary's father. Mary lived in the precincts of the cathedral. Their children are christened as "Tevelain".
Joseph chr 7/1/1776[3]
Isaac chr 26/10/1777[3]
Mary chr 25/4/1779[3] m George Norley (brother of JAMES, below) b 1777 of Hackington, alias St Stephen, a victualler, m on 19/6/1801 at the Cathedral d 1816 Canterbury
John chr 17/2/1781[3]
Henry chr 27/7/1783[3]
SARAH ANN chr 28/1/1787[3]
William Brice chr 15/2/1789 (Tevelaine)
Isabella chr 26/6/1791[3] (Tevelein)
Ann chr 19/1/1794

Richard Tevelain of St Andrews a peruke maker (aged 26 , married Mary Clarke of St Peters by licence on 27/5/1764
William chr 4/12/1782[2] bur 24/9/1784 carried to St Mildred's, cost 4s 6d[2].

Samuel Tevelain married Abigail Chapman on 6/11/1782. Samuel was a widower from St Mildred's, Abigail a widow of St Margaret's. Abigail Tevelaine, once more widowed, married Thomas Engeham, a widower, on 6 May 1788 at Saint Dunstan, Canterbury1, where Abigail was a parishioner[6]. James Tibelain was buried on 29/11/1763[2].

James Tevelein married Lucy Maria Lamberton on 19/6/1788 at a cost of 2s 6d[2].
Charles chr 9/10/1788 (Tiblaine)[8]
James chr 19/3/1790[2]
George chr 28/3/17922 bur 23/1/1794 aged 2, carried to St Mildred's, cost 4s 6d[2].
Lucyann chr 19/1/1794[2]
George chr 28/3/1796[2]
Charles chr 19/11/17972 bur 6/3/1800 aged 2 at a cost of 4s 6d[2].
Sarah Ann chr 11/9/1799[2]

Matthew and Ann Tivelein
John chr 26/9/1796[3]

SARAH ANN TEVELAIN married JAMES NORLEY on 30th January 1808, at St Mildred's, Canterbury. Sarah Ann was christened on 28th January 1787. James and Sarah lived in St Mary Bredin.

Thomas Tivelain of St Mary, Northgate married Ann Gilham at St Alphage on 14/4/1770.Mary Tivelain of St Alphage died on 27/10/1771. Elizabhet Tivelain died poor on 30/12/1783[10]. Hester Tevelein married John Lenham on 29/11/1789[2]. Elisabeth Tevelaine born about 1773 St. Peter, Canterbury, married John Hussey of St Alphage on 7 Aug 1794[1] at St. Peter, Canterbury after banns John Tivlain married Ann Allen on 23/2/1817, both of St Mildred's. Thomas-emery was the base born son of Mary Tivelain, born 2/4/1790 at St Alphage. There is an entry "poor" in the parish register. Robert Harding married Margaret Tivelaine, both of St Peters, date not given, around 1800.
Ann Tevelein was a milliner and dressmaker in 10 Parade, Canterbury in 1832, according to Reynolds Directory.

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