Extracts from Notes Contributed by Andrea Vogel


TEVELEIN records in Canterbury Churches


These extracts are taken from Andrea's HWE mails on TEVELIN FAMILY GENEALOGY

Earlier in 2001, Andrea  extracted many records from a number of Canterbury church archives. She posted these on Huguenots-Walloons-Europe-L@rootsweb.com. You may care to subscribe to this list on HUGUENOTS-WALLOONS-EUROPE-D-request@rootsweb.com

For those who do not subscribe I have extracted the relevant TEVELEIN and associated family records to save reading time for those interested. I have included some of her introductory words because they make good reading and the LDS film numbers where they are quoted. If in doubt I have left a name in. For this reason it may be some way down the list before you see the first TEVELEIN!

I quote her regular warning:

"Please verify any info posted in this series with your own personal search in the original records. Do not rely solely on these extracts; this is not a primary source. I have tried to be as accurate and complete as possible but errors/omissions could easily have happened. Also, I am not *absolutely certain* that all these names were Huguenot -- I merely made guesses and extracted the *possibles*."

Please check these extracts against her original postings in September and October 2000. - Clive


Parish of St. Peter's in Canterbury, Kent,

Here are some surnames which I extracted recently from the BT's (Bishop's Transcripts).. This was one of the Canterbury churches which was heavily attended by the refugees.

These records are on LDS film # 1736628. I began the extracts with year 1685/6--simply because that's where the handwriting became readable to me -- and have ended with 1700 in this post. I've left all the spelling just as I found it (and bear in mind that the handwriting was sometimes very hard to decipher) but have also sometimes speculated on what the original spelling might have been. Notice that burials far outnumber either marriages or baptisms. Notice also the very frequent occurrence of male names such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Peter, and to a lesser extent: Philip & Samuel. It's been my experience that these names are not at all common in Kent parishes which did not have refugee settlement.
If anyone has a connection to any of the following names, I hope they will post about it. Andrea

Abbreviations are as follows:

Bapt=baptised, Bur=buried, Marr=married, otp=of this parish, botp=both of this parish, spr=spinster, lic.=(marriage by)licence.

1686 May 16 Bapt Peter, son of James & Joane HOOKE (ie. LE HOUCQ?)
1687 Jne 22 Bur Judith, dau of John LE HOOKE
1687 Aug 7 Bur John, son of John LE HOOKE
1687 Nov 29 Bur Abraham, son of Abraham LE HOOK
1688 Apr 12 Marr Patrick CROW & Martha WOODWARD
1689 Sep 29 Bur Peter, son of John ROOE (ie. DE LA RUE?)
1689 Nov 5 Bur Elizabeth, wife of Peter DETREE (ie. DU TRY?)
1691 Sep 11 Bur Esther, dau of Abraham ?SACT?

Note: The above surname occurred a few times here but I could not make out the exactly spelling because of the handwriting. In later time periods, I started noticing the surnames SACK and SECK (none of which I extracted), but which may be connected. I feel that this may originally have been LE SECQ or similar.

1691 Oct 4 Bur Abraham HOOKE
1691/2 Mar 12 Bur Moses LAMA
1693 Dec 1 Bapt James, son of James & Johanna HOOKE
1693 Apr 2 Bur Mary ANTOW, widow
1693 Apr 23 Bur Barbery BLANCAW (ie. BLANCART, BLANCHARD?)
1694 Nov 11 Marr Mary GORDAINE & John CARPENTER
Question: Was CARPENTER (above) originally CHARPENTIER?
1696 Jly 16 Bur Ester, dau of Moses LAMA
1697 Jne 9 Bur Mary, dau of Peter LEFEVER
1699 Oct 19 Bur Samuel, son of John HOOKE, silk weaver & Householder
1700 Apr 24 Bur Judith, dau of Abraham LEFEVER, A french Carpenter
1700 Nov 26 Bur Isaac, son of Abraham LEFEVER, a french carpenter


The other locations mentioned -- ie. Holy Cross (Westgate), St. Mildred,
St. Alphege, St. Margaret -- are also Canterbury parishes.

1703 Dec 12 Bapt William, son of Lamber CRO, joyner
1703 Apr 4 Marr John LAMA, wid. of Westgate (shoemaker) & Jane
spr, otp
1707 Jne 5 Bur Elizabeth DELAROO (ie, DE LA RUE?)
1711 May 27 Marr Edward TERRY of Chartham & Jane READ, otp
1716 Aug 20 Bur Peter LEHOOK
1717/8 Feb 16 Bur John TROUILLION
Re: surname above -- could it be a variant of TEVELIN? See also another
spelling: TURVILLION, below.
1719 Nov 6 Bapt Elizabeth, dau of William & Elizabeth TURVILLION
1720 Sep 16 Bur Johanna, wife of James LEHOOK
1723 Apr 28 Bur Peter JEDUAINE (or JEDVAINE?)
1725 Sep 15 Bur James HOOK
1726 May 16 Marr John LAMPARD of St. Mary Bredman & Mary Wills
Note: there were a few other LAMPARDs here but I didn't extract any because
I just wasn't sure about them.
1728 Oct 22 Bur Elizabeth, wife of William JEDVAINE
1732/3 Feb 6 Bur Israel LEHOOK
1733 May 13 Bapt Esther, dau of William & Esther JEUDVIN
1733 May 18 Bur Esther JEUDVIN

1734 Nov 24 Bur Esther HOOK
1736/7 Jan 18 Bur James JUDWAINE of St. Mildred's

Walloon Church at Canterbury.

The following extracts are from the records of the Walloon Church at Canterbury. These are in Volume 5 of the Quarto series (pub. Huguenot Soc. of Ldn), and are also on LDS films & 0086956 & 0086957.

(Pg. 443) 1591/2 Jan 30 -- Mariage: Jehan DU FOREST, filz de Roger DU FOREST, natif de Turquoin; et Marie TEUELIN, fille de Loys TEUELIN, natifue de Zandwich.

(Pg. 753) 1595 Apr 2 -- Deed re: distribution of property of the late Jean LANSEL, by Jacobus LE CLERCQ, husband of Marie LANSEL, amongst the said Jaques' brothers-in-law and co-inheritors: Jean LANSEL, son of the said Jean; Loys THEVELIN, husband of Anne LANSEL; Pierre LAMPO husband of Catherine LANSEL; and Jeorrine LANSEL. Mention of Marie LE SECQ, their mother, wife of the said late Jean LANSEL. Witnesses: Maistre Anthoine LESCAILLET, Pierre DE SALOMEZ, and Mattheu DE BOURGES. (Vol. ii, No. 118) (Pg. 644) 1597/8 Jan 20 -- Marriage contract between Louis TEVELIN, assisted by Jacques LE CLERCQ, his brother-in-law; Jan LANSEL, his brother-in-law; Jean DU FOREST, his "beau filz"; and Matthieu ROUSSEL, his future "beau filz"; and Jooryne LANSEL, his "belle souer"; & Franchoise DE LE RUE, daughter of the late Gilles DE LE RUE, assisted by Jean LAGUEL, her cousin;.....Gilles BENNET, her cousin german......Antoine LE BLANCE and Andrieu BACLER. Also, there is mention in this document of Joseph, Susanne, and Rode THEVELIN, children of the said Loys THEVELIN by Anne LANSEL, late his wife. Mention also of property of the said Loys THEVELIN at Lille. Witnesses in addition to the above assistants: Anthoine LANNON and M. DE BOURGES. (Vol. ii, No. 122.)

(Pg. 450) 1597/8 Jan 29 -- Mariage: Mathieu ROUSSEL, fils de feu Jan ROUSSEL, natif del Gorgue; & Jane TEUELIN, fille de Louys TEUELIN, natifue de Cantorbery.

Comment: I have found that the letter U is often substituted for V in these records.

(Pg. 450) 1598 fev 12 -- Mariage: Loys THEUELIN, vefu, natif de Armentieres & Francoise DE LA RUE, fille de feu Guilles DE LA RUE, natifue de Armentieres.

(Pg. 453) 1600 Sep 7 -- Mariage: Jaques BONNET, filz de feu Nicolas BONNET, natif de Tournay, & Susane THEUELIN, fille de feu Louys THEUELIN, natifue de Canturbury.

(Pg. 457) 1602 Sep 2 -- Mariage: Anthoine LE CONTE, vefu, natif de Tournay; et Francoise DE LA RUE, ve(fue) de feu Louys THEUELIN, natifue d'Armentieres.

(Pg. 460) 1606 Avril 27 -- Mariage: Pierre DE RICQBOURG, filz d'Albin DE RICQBOURG, natif de Douay; et Susane TEUELIN, vefue de Jaques BONNET, natifue de Canturbery.

Comment: note that the RICQBOURG name & variants is listed in the extracts of St. Peter, Canterbury.

Here are the spelling variants and page references in the index for records I did not have time to extract --

TEUELIN 13, 18-21, 23, 29, 36, 38, 44, 69, 413, 618
TEVELAIN 620, 621
TEVELIN 79, 363, 373, 374, 376, 377, 383, 388, 391, 393, 395-397, 399, 401,
404, 406, 619-623, 644
THEUELIN 7, 13, 51, 56, 57, 564, 569, 571, 572, 649
THEVELIN 634, 637


1747 Apr 20 Marr Elizabeth Couley, otp & Jacob TEULIN of St. Mary Northgate, banns

Note: same entry as above, but on another page and in a different handwriting, has Elizabeth's surname spelled Cowley.

1753 Nov 29 Bur Susan LEFEVER

End of Part 4, 1746-1760


Surname extracts, St. Peter Canterbury

1764 May 27 Marr Mary Clark & Richard TEVELAIN, lic.

1775 Jan 15 Marr Abigail Fipps & John LE FEVER, botp, banns
1778 Mar 2 Bapt Susanna, dau of William & Mary TURMAINE
1778 Sep 15 Bur Mary JEUDWINE, age 37 years
1779 Aug 29 Bapt Thomas, son of William & Mary TURMAYNE


1781 Apr 22 Bapt Francies, dau of William & Mary TURMAYNE
1784 Jan 4 Bapt Ann, dau of John & Ann RUE
1785 Jne 5 Bapt Elizabeth Ann, dau of Samuel & Ann RUE
1785 Sep 11 Bapt John, son of John & Ann RUE
His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and one of the Registers to the
Rev. the Arch Deacon of Canterbury, age 45 years. Buried in the Chancel of
this Church."

1789 Oct 26 Bur Samuel, son of Samuel RUE, age 2 years
1789 Nov 3 Bapt Samuel & John, sons of Samuel & Ann RUE "privately
baptised at Theyr father's House at Half past four In the Afternoon. Dead."

Comment: In spite of the word "dead" the above entry, these infants would
have been alive at the time of the baptism but they died less than two weeks
later, see entry below. Remember that these records (BT's) are a copy of the
originals (PR's) so the person doing the copying would have the knowledge
that these infants later died and noted that fact by writing the comment
"dead" in the baptism record. Also, re: infants baptised privately, usually
at the parents' home instead of in the church -- this was done shortly after
birth if the child was sickly and not expected to live very long. If the
child survived, then he/she would be "received into the congregation" at a
later date.

1789 Nov 14 Bur Samuel & John, twin sons of Samuel RUE, age 2 weeks
1791 Mar 18 Bapt Ann, dau of Samuel & Ann RUE "privately Baptised at Her
1791 Apr 1 Bur Mrs. Margaret JEUDWINE, widow of the late Mr. Peter
JEUDWINE, age 79 years
1794 Aug 7 Marr John Hussy, bac. of Saint Alphege In This City &
Elizabeth TEVELAIN, spr, otp, banns. (Their daughter Sarah "Privately
Baptised at Her Father's House in the Black Fryers [sic] in This Parish 25
May 1795 at 6 in The Evening. Received into the Congregation 7 June 1795.")

1799 Apr 14 Bapt Mary Ann, baseborn dau of Catherine TEVELIN
1803 Apr 10 Marr William Bailey, bac & Sarah TIVELAIN, spr, botp, banns
Re: above entry -- on another page, in a different handwriting, the year is
different, ie. 1804.
1805 Nov 10 Bapt Frederic, baseborn son of Hester FEVER
1807 Dec 20 Bapt Henry, son of James & Lucy Maria TEVELEIN


BT's (Bishop's Transcripts) of the parish of St. Paul in Canterbury.

This info is to be found on LDS film # 1736628, which begins at 1730 (the earlier dates are on another film). This was not one of the Canterbury churches which was heavily attended by the refugees but there are still quite a few names of interest. Notice how some of the same names keep popping up from previously posted parishes.

1730 Apr 17 Bapt Henry, son of John & Ann PICARD
1730 Aug 6 Bur Henry PICARD
1731 May 9 Bapt John, son of John & Ann PICARD
1731 Sep 9 Bapt Sarah, dau of Edward & Elizabeth TERRY (ie. DE THIERRY?)
1731/2 Mar 19 Bur John PICARD
1732 May 28 Bur Sarah TERRY
1732 Nov 12 Bapt Martha, dau of William & Martha HOOK (ie. LE HOUCQ?)
1732 Nov 19 Bapt John, son of Isaac & Philadelphia PARRAN (ie. PARENT?)
1732/3 Feb 11 Bapt Henry, son of John & Ann PICARD
1733 Jly 15 Bur Goodman CARDON
Note: in the above entry, Goodman is not a first name but a term or title of respect.

1733/4 Feb 4 Bapt John, son of John & Ann PICARD
1733/4 Mar 14 Bur Henry PICARD
1734/5 Jan 18 Bapt John, son of William & Martha HOOK
1735 Apr 12 Bapt Hester, dau of John & Ann PICARD
1736 Apr 20 Bapt Richard, son of --- & --- TEVELEIN (no parents' names!)
Re: parents' names above: ?may be Abraham and Ann? See entry below, dated
1742 which mentions Abraham & Ann TEVELIN.
1736 Jly 27 Bapt John, son of John & Ann PICARD
1737 Aug 10 Bapt Charles, son of --- & --- TEVELEIN (no parents again!!)
1739 Nov 28 Bur George ROOKE, Esq. "the last of the males of the family
of the Rookes of St. Lawrence in this parish."
1740 May 7 Bapt Dean, son of John & Mary PICARD
1740 Sep 14 Bapt Mary, dau of James & Hester RUE
1741 Apr 12 Bur John PICARD
1741 May 25 Bur Mary RUE
1741 Sep 15 Bur Dean PICARD
1742 Jne 6 Marr John Flower & Susanna RUE, botp
Re: surname Flower above. I am wondering if it's an anglicization of
1742 Aug 15 Bapt Abraham, the posthumous son of Abraham & Ann TEVELIN
c1742/3-1743/4 John PICARD named in records as churchwarden.
1743 May 8 Bapt John, son of James & Hester RUE
1744 Nov 25 Bapt James, son of James & Hester RUE
1746 Apr 6 Bapt Joseph, son of John & Sarah RUE
1753 May 13 Bapt William, son of John & Mary LEMAT
1753 Jly 12 Marr William Lucas & Sarah CARDIN, Lodgers in this
1756 Mar 19 Bur Ann, dau of Valentine PICARD from St. Andrew's
1756 Apr 4 Bur Susannah Maria, dau of Valentine PICARD from St. Andrew's
1759 Oct 7 Bapt Thomas, son of John & Mary LEMAT
1760 Apr 4 Bur William, son of Valentine PICARD from St. Andrew's
1763 Feb 13 Bur Daniel, son of Valentine PICARD from St. Andrew's
1764 Apr 22 Marr Elizabeth Porter & Abraham TIBLAIN, botp, lic.
1765 Dec 1 Bur Ann, dau of Valentine PICARD from St. Mary Bredman
1766 Feb 23 Bapt Elizabeth Juddery, dau of Mary HOOK
1767 Mar 8 Bur Elizabeth HOOK, a Child from the workhouse
1767 Jne 17 Marr Thomas Parnell of St. George's, wid. & Elizabeth PICARD,
otp, lic.
1767 Aug 21 Bur Sarah Elizabeth, dau of Valentine PICARD from St. Mary
1768 Dec 2 Bur Mr. John PICARD
1769 Apr 29 Bur Mary, dau of Valentine PICARD from St. Mary Bredman
1769 May 12 Bur Valentine, son of Valentine PICARD from St. Mary Bredman
1769 Oct 7 Bur Maria, dau of Valentine PICARD from St. Mary Bredman
1773 Apr 4 Bapt Sarah, dau of John & Mary LEMAT
1773 Nov 12 Bur Valentine PICARD from St. Margaret's
1775 Nov 15 Bur Elizabeth PICCARD from Harbledown
1776 Jan 28 Bapt John, son of William & Elizabeth LAMATT
1776 Feb 14 Bur James LEMATT
1779 Feb 1 Bur Hester PICKARD from Northgate
1783 Dec 30 Elizabeth TIVELAIN
1785 Dec 13 Bur Hester PICKARD
1786 Oct 8 Marr Elizabeth Hammond & Abraham FEVER, banns
1789 Mar 1 Bapt Elizabeth, dau of Peter & Mary LE FEVER
1790 Sep 5 Bur Peter LE FEVER
1792 Apr 8 Bapt Sarah, baseborn dau of Elizabeth FEVER
1794 Jan 19 Marr William Ellis & Ann FEVER, banns
1799 Feb 3 Bapt Daniel, son of Daniel & Ann TURMAINE
1803 Oct 2 Bapt Louisa Catherine, dau of Daniel & Ann TURMAINE
1806 Jly 14 Bur Abraham TIVELAIN, age 65
1808 Feb 7 Marr Elizabeth Clark & Noah TURMINE, banns (ie. TREMAINE?)

Malt-house Chapel in Canterbury

I know we have several subscribers who are researching TEVELIN and this name has been mentioned in previous posts. Consequently, I thought the following extracts from the records of the Malt-house Chapel in Canterbury would be of interest. I have left all spelling and punctuation "as is".

As I have mentioned before, these records begin in 1710 and end in 1745, mostly baptisms, only one or two marriages, no burials/deaths. They are to be found on microfilm # 1482451. This is a copy of original, contemporary records, which are hand-written and in French. Obviously, not indexed. These extracts were found between dates 1722 and 1738. Note that other surnames are also mentioned (as parrains/marraines), as well as a name mentioned in Jan's post a few days ago -- Minister Pierre LE SUEUR. I think that the surnames MARQUILLY, DANBRIAN and BLANCHAR will also be of interest to some listers. Also a comment re: surname ESLEVIN. I believe this is a variant of ELVIN, ELWIN, ELEVIN, etc., a name I just happen to have some additional info about because I know another researcher who is interested in this name (but not on this list). Enjoy and please post with your comments or connections. Andrea (Please verify original records yourself to recheck what I have listed below.)

1722 -- Elizabeth, fille de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Ester, sa femme, est née le
6e de Septembre 1722 et a eté batisée le 16 du meme mois. Jaques MARQUILLEY
et Jeanne BLANCHAR et Marie TEVELIN sont les Parrains et Marraines. Pierre

1724 -- Marie TEVELIN est née le 22 Septembre 1724 et a eté presentee au
Bateme par Guillaume BRAFORD et Marie ESLEVIN et Elizabeth TEVELIN. P. LE

1726 -- Matthieu, fils de Jacob TEVELAIN et d'Ester ESLEVIN: ne le 23
d'Avril 1726 et a ete presente le meme jour au bapteme par Matthieu LAMPAR
et par Marie DU PONS. P. LE SUEUR.

1727/8 -- Ester, fille de Jacob TEVELIN et de sa femme est nee le 8 mars
1727/8 et a ete batisse le meme jour par moi et a eu pour parrain Matthieu
LAMPAR et pour marrain Elizabeth TEVELIN. Pierre LE SUEUR.

1729 -- Sara, fille de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Ester sa femme est née le 26 Juin
1729 a ete batissée le 29 et a eu pour parrain Isaac TEVELIN et pour
marraine Marie DU PON et Elizabeth TEVELIN. Pierre LE SUEUR.

1730/1 -- Jeanne, fille de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Ester, sa femme, est née le 14
Janvier 1730/1, batisée le meme jour a eu pour parrain Pierre BURETTE et
pour maraines Marie DU BOC et Elizabeth BOULANGER.

1733 -- Jean, fils de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Ester, sa femme, est né le 10 May
1733 a ete batise le dimanche suivant, a eu pour Parrains Jean BLANCHARD et
Isaac TEVELIN et pour marraines Jeanne MORGIN et Marie ?PETSAN? P. LE SUEUR.

1735 -- Ester, fille de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Ester, sa femme est née le 26
Avril 1735 et a eu pour parrain Isaac TEVELIN et pour Marraines Elizabeth
TEVELIN et Elizabeth BLAIS. Pierre LE SUEUR.

1736 -- Benjamin, fils de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Ester, sa femme, est né le 23
d'Octobre 1736 et a ete batisé le meme jour et a eu pour parrains Pierre
TOURTEAU et Gillaume L'OR et pour marraine Marie BERNARD. Pierre LE SUEUR.

1738 -- Pierre, fils de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Ester, sa femme, est ne le 22
Septembre 1738 a ete batise le 24 a eu pour Parrains Jean SEGUIN et Jean
DANBRIAN et pour Marraine Dina TEVELIN. Pierre LE SUEUR.

1715 -- Marie, fille de Jean CAILHEAU et de Anne LA PLACE est nee le 7
Septembre 1715 et a este baptisee par Mr. Jean CHARPENTIER, Ministre, le 18e
7bre (which means September) 1715, parin Jean BLANCHARD, Marines Marie

Comment: I have found that the letters v/u are sometimes interchanged, eg. TEUELIN=TEVELIN. This entry (and the one below) also seem to indicate that Jean CHARPENTIER (CHERPENTIER) was Minister up until sometime between

1719 -- Isaac, fils de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Esther ELVEN est ne le 4e Juillet
1719 et a eté batisé le meme jour. Il a eu pour Parrains Isaac TEVELIN et
Isaac ELVEN et pour Marraine Elizabeth TEVELIN. Pierre LE SUEUR.
Comment: this entry confirms that the surname spelled ESLEVEN in later entries is a variant of ELVEN or ELVIN.

1720 -- Jacob, fils de Jacob TEVELIN et d'Esther ELVEN est né le 25 d'Oct.
1720 a eté baptise le 6e Nov: suivant. Il a eu pour Parrains Jean L'EPLUQUE
et Pierre LE GRAND, et pour Marraine Susanne L'EPLUQUE. Pierre LE SUEUR.

1721 -- Jaques, fils de Jean Francoise LE DUC et de Judith LE FEBURE, sa
femme, est né le 29 Juin 1721 et a ete presenté au bateme le 9 Juillet
suivant par Jaques SEGUIN, et Jaques MARQUILLER, ses parrains, et Marie
TEVELIN, sa Marraine, a Canterbury. Pierre LE SUEUR.

I have some TEVELIN names to share with you from the Threadneedle St. Church tésmoignages. Here they are --

Estiesne TEVELIN T. Amsterdam 24 Jne 1705
Anne TIVELIN 28 Apr 1745