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A Tevelein Marriage


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There was a Charles Tevelein born to Isaac Tevelein and his wife Ann Picard. Charles was baptised at St Paul's on 10 February 1737. The list of Freemen of Canterbury contains "1760 Charles Tevelein, Perukemaker, 1760" a freeman by birth ie his father was also a freeman of Canterbury. This Charles would have been a son of Isaac as he was the only Tevelein who was a freeman of Canterbury prior to that time [as a result of his marriage to .Ann Picard, who was the daughter of a freeman]

The Poll Book for Canterbury lists Charles Tevelein, Barber, Whitstable, Kent voting in the election for MPs to represent the City of Canterbury, 17-19 June 1790. The Poll Book for the election of 25-28 May 1796 also lists Charles as a barber at Whitstable. To vote in these elections one needed to be a freeman of Canterbury so again I think the barber at Whitstable is the son of Isaac and Ann.

As Arthur has already said, Charles Tevelein was buried at Whitstable on 2 November 1806 aged 68 and Mary Tevelein was also buried there on the 25 November 1804, aged 64. This means she was born around 1739/40.

I had thought that Mary had been the wife of Jacob Tevelein who was a dredger at Whitstable [as yet I can't fit this Jacob into the family tree. He was aged 24 at marriage, making his birth about 1740/41] Jacob married Mary Browning on 13 February 1765 in Canterbury. Mary Browning was a spinster age 24 at the time of this marriage  [making her birth about 1740/41 also] which fits with the age of Mary Tevelein at burial.

Now Jacob was buried at Whitstable on 9 June 1779, so Mary would have been free to marry Charles the next year. So the marriage at Seasalter on 15 June 1780 could have been between Charles Tevelein, son of Isaac and Ann [nee Picard] Tevelein and Mary Tevelein, [nee Browning] widow of Jacob Tevelein.



10 February 1737 - Charles Tevelein, son of Isac and Ann, baptised St Paul's Canterbury
1760 - Charles Tevelein, perukemaker, becomes a freeman of Canterbury by birth
1740/41 - Birth of Mary Browning
13 February 1765 - Jacob Tevelein, dredger, Whitstable, married Mary Browning, spinster, Whitstable
9 June 1779 - Jacob Tevelein buried at Whitstable
15 June 1780 Charles TEVELAIN marries Mary TEVELAIN at Seasalter
17-19 June 1790 - Charles Tevelein, barber, Whitstable, votes in election of MP for Canterbury
25-28 May 1796 - Charles Tevelein, barber, Whitstable, votes in election of MP for Canterbury
25 November 1804 - Mary Tevelein buried, Whitstable, aged 64
2 November 180 6 - CharlesTevelein buried at Whitstable, aged 68

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BTW - My research indicates that my ancestors were not French but Walloons who moved to the area around Calais either to escape religious persecution in their homeland [Spanish Netherlands] or were attracted to that area by the inducements offered by the French when they wrested control of Calais district from Spain in the 1690s.