Notes Contributed by Anne Bartlett


Note concerning Christian Names



It would appear that John Tevelein named each of his children born in Australia after one of his family back in England. See the list below. His eldest child is named Caroline, but I have not found anyone of that name except for the one in the 1841 Census.  Moreover his brother George and sister Lucy Maria both named one of their children Caroline. So I feel that there is close relative called Caroline Tevelien.

The 1841 census returns for the parish of St George the Martyr in Canterbury show a Caroline Tevelien [sic] (70), Milliner living at St George's terrace (near Rose Lane). Living with her is Ann Wybrow (35), Caroline Tevelien (25) and Sarah Latter (19) - all Milliners.

Ann Tevelein is probably the daughter of Richard and Mary Clarke, baptised 09 March 1769 at St Andrew's. But who is Caroline? Have you any idea who she migh be?


John Tevelein's children:-
1. Caroline - ??
2. John - his name
3. James - his father, brother
4. Cordelia - his sister
5. George - his brother
6. Lucy Maria - his mother
7. Sarah - his sister, his aunt
8. Mary - his grandmother, and sister
9. Henry - his brother
10. Hetty Ann - his brother's wife, (George)
11. Edward Thomas - two uncles
12. Richard - his grandfather


CB - I had always thought that the milliner referred to was Ann, as you say in your last paragraph
>Ann Tevelein is probably the daughter of Richard and Mary Clarke, baptised
>09 March 1769 at St Andrew's.

.....  so you may  inadvertently have substituted 'Caroline' for 'Ann' as it was in your mind.

The reference to the marriage ("on the next page") is:
Thos. WYBROW of St Andrews Cant. barber bach (22) & Sarah TEVELAIN of St
Alphage's Cant.sp (22) at St Alph. 3 May 1793. - This is  d/o Jacob[6]