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I am very indebted to the following people from whom I have shamefully lifted examples of  their scholarship, their skill and creativity but who I hope will overlook my ill disguised plagiarism in return for sincere appreciation of their work, some publicity and, wherever possible, a link to their own web sites.

2. The pages on the Canterbury churches are drawn from the publications of  l'Eglise Protestante Francaise de Cantorbery kindly supplied by Michael H Peters, Secretaire du Consistoire and from publications available from the Canterbury Environment Center in St Alphage's church. 

3. The Family records listed on these pages are taken from the archive links on of the HUGUENOT-WALLOONS-EUROPE site    http://www.island.net/~andreav/index.html. I have restricted inclusion to those records which I personally have seen on LDS film of primary records or have been provided by Andrea Vogel, our very thorough and hard working concierge.. My sincere thanks go to Andrea for her kindness and interest in picking out and listing so many TEVELEIN records. The LDS film numbers are listed on these pages. In this connection I thank Arthur Cook, a close distant cousin of mine down under whose definitive TEVELIN tree is the collection of many family record searches, not the least, of his own. Also for further searches of FISHER and BATES records, my thanks for her meticulosity and patience, Valerie Pettifer, a long-time family friend. And finally my thanks to cousin Peter Bates for his contributions to the BATES tree.

4. Detail of the life of John TEVELEIN.  For collecting detailed facts about John I am indebted to Anne Bartlett of Launceston, Tasmania, and Debbie Wilson who transcribed and kindly circulated newspaper cuttings. Further important detail came from John Garth TEVELEIN of Victoria, Australia who did much to paint a picture in my mind of John's journey and bring the facts together.

5. Guines - My thanks to Peter J Read for bringing Guines to life both with the quality of his digital pictures and his driving to Marck and Guines in 2001; to the Guines Tourist Office; to Guines Museum, open Tuesdays and Thursday or is is it all the week?. Particular thanks to Monsieur Louf who was exceedingly generous with his time showing us the site of the Huguenot Temple and Guines Castle.

6. Maps The sources of these are acknowledged on the pages they appear and are taken only from sites where incorporation on a site is permitted.

7. If you are looking for a splendid set of templates, help with css and clear guidance go to the link for Glazed by Free CSS Layouts. Likewise for a site that adds life to thumbnails so that with one click they spring into the foreground "like magic" then go to Magic Toolbox. Here also guidance to adapt to one's website is clear, simple and flawless.

8. Graphics. I have used only those graphics where copying is invited. In return I list these sources as links: For the view of Canterbury, near the Cathedral gates, on the home and Canterbury pages, Courtesy Colin Palmer - www.buyimage.co.uk - acknowledgement with thanks is expressed. Fine images from many locations will be found on his site.