Family Circumstances


Today's domestic economy can certainly be described as prosperous but it would be wrong to assume that a wealthy lifestyle is enjoyed by all families today, likewise it would  be equally over simplistic to put a label against each TEVELEIN family based on the general economic circumstances of their time in history - but it's a start.

For example it is safe to assume that the family of Anne PICARD and Isaac[3}, a woolcomber, was "comfortable".



"With the return of the monarchy in 1660 when Charles II landed at Dover, life in Kent began to settle down with the development of trade and industry, property increased at least for some, it was a period of great house building and more than fifty great houses may be seen, as we travel around this county some of their treasures and histories will unfold."


1. Span is from the year of birth of the first to the last child
2. Survive is the number of known baptised births less the number of known deaths.
3. Wealth of the family is relative to the general economic circumstances of the time.


  Mother Spouse Children Span Survive Town Church Monach Occupation
Marie Bunne Jean Thevelin 4 1643 - 11 years 4 Unsettled Guines Louis XIV /
Charles I / Cromwell
Marie Raire Pierre   1679       Louis XIV /
Charles II
Marie Thevelin Jean Le Houcq              
Anne  Chevallier Jacob[1] 5 1676 - 9 years 4     Charles II  
Ester Du Four Isaac[1] 1 1677 - 1 year       Charles II  
Elizabeth Dosselart Isaac[1] 9 1683 - 22 years   Marcq, Cadzand Canterbury Walloon Wm&Mary  
Elizabeth Olive Isaac[2] 8 1708 - 17 years 5 Canterbury /London Walloon/ 
 St Mildred
Anne - George I  
Magdalene Clake Jacob[3] 4 1706 - 6 years 3? Swalecliffe   Anne - George I  
Sarah Sandcroft Jacob[3] 3 1719 - 2 years 0 Swalecliffe   George I  
Ester Elvin Jacob[4] 12 1719 - 19 years   London/Canterbury Malt-house George I and II Weaver
Anne Picard Isaac[3] 8 1736 - 18 years 7 Canterbury St Mildred's George II Woolcomber
Mary Browning Jacob       Whitstable     Dredger
Mary Browning Charles Tevelein       Canterbury     Barber