The Isaacs and Jacobs

Profiles & Occupations

I have always had difficulty in distinguishing and remembering one Isaac and Jacob from another.  This can lead to confusion in identity between branches of the family.

To give each a clear identity without constant reference to DOB I have suffixed each in chronological order. Thus Jacob [1]  and Isaac [1] are the Jacob and Isaac, sons of Jean THEVELIN, born respectively in 1651 and 1654.

Jacob [1] 1651 Ofquerque Anne CHEVALIER  m 1675 Jean THEVELIN   Marie BUNNE FP Guines
Isaac[1] 1654 Marcq Ester DU FOUR 1677
  m 1682
Jean THEVELIN   Marie BUNNE FP Guines
Jacob[2] 1675 Fort Brulé Died in infancy Jacob[1] Anne CHEVALLIER FP Guines
Jacob[3] 1682 Marcq   Jacob[1] Anne CHEVALIER FP Guines
Abt 1682 Swalecliffe Magdalen CLARK m 1706     St Andrew's
Swalecliffe PC
Isaac[2] 1683 Marcq Elizabeth OLIVE m1706 Isaac[1] Elizabeth DOSSELART FP Guines
St Moldred's
Jacob[4] 1696 Canterbury Ester ELVIN  m 1717 Isaac[1] Elizabeth DOSSELART Walloon
Isaac[3] 1708 Canterbury Ann PICARD m 1734 Isaac[2] Elizabeth OLIVE  
Isaac[4] 1719 Canterbury Isabella  Jacob(4)  Ester ELVIN Malt-house
Isaac[5] 1777 Canterbury Unmarried Joseph TEVELEIN Mary BRICE  
Jacob[5] 1720   Unmarried Jacob[4] Ester ELVIN Malt-house
Jacob[6] 1725   Marhta Mockett 
m 1673
Isaac[2] Elizabeth OLIVE St Alphage
Jacob[7] 1741   Mary Browning 1765 Isaac[4] Isabella .
Jacob TAVELIN   Swacliff Mary ALLEN m 1723
of  Whitstable
    St Alphage
& Herne PC
Jacob[8] TIVELIN b 23 Dec1706Herne   Jacob[3] Mallian  
Isaac[6] b 1708 Swalecliff   Jacob[3] Maudlin, Magdalen  

Isaac[1] to Jacob[4]

We use this method of identification to avoid confusion between the many Isaacs and Jacobs. It is especially useful when the birth year of cousins is very close. They are numbered in sequence of birth from the Isaac[1] and Jacob[1], sons of Jean THEVELIN.