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1700 1800 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 Spouse Spouse
John                   Elizab'h  
Thomas Cant Cant               ?  
William Brab'rne Lyminge Peircy Stanford
Robert1 Lyminge Monks   Stelling           Jane Brabourne
Peirce1 Lyminge   Lyminge d 1845           Mary Lyminge
Peirce2 Lyminge   Lyminge Elham Elham Newington F'kestone d.1878   Mary Swingfield
Robert2 Elham     Elham Newington Swingfield F'kestone Acris Cheriton Sarah Hawkinge
David E F'kestone           F'kestone   Hawkinge Emma Eastry
Fred' G Minster           Eastry   Hawkinge Elizab'h Coldred

Fisher  History Timeline

1650 ---- 1649 Charles l executed
1653 Cromwell becomes Protector.
    1665 Great Plague
1666 Great Fire of London
1667 Dutch attack Medway ships.
1677 Thomas, son of John and Elizabeth, bap at St Georges, Canterbury.  
    1694 Bank of England established.
Mary dies leaving William lll to rule.
1693 Marriage Thomas to Mary Wood  
1700 ---- 1702 Ann suceeds William to throne
1707 Act of Union with Scotland.
1695 William born to Thomas Fisher in Brabourne  
    1723 Poaching becomes a capital offence. 1723 William marries Peircy FAGG  
    1727 George ll on throne 1730 Robert1 born to William Fisher and Piercy FAGG  
1750 Enclosures Acts.
1756 beginning Seven Years war with France. 1760 Georde III suceeds.
1757 Robert1 marries Jane PEARCE  
    1770 Arkwright's first cotton mill at Cromford. Cricket rules tightened.
1773 Boston Tea Party
1770 Peirce1 born to Robert & Jane PEARCE bap 30 Sept 1770  
1800 ---- 1801 United Kingdom Act of Union.
1805 Battle of Trafalgar
1799 Birth of Peirce2 13 Oct 1799 to Mary Graves  
    1815 Corn Laws introduced 1802 Marriage of Peirce1 marries Mary Graves  
      1824 Bapt of Robert FISHER 25 Jun.  
    1825 Stockton Darlington steam railway. 1825 Isabella TEVELEIN & John GIBBENS marry on 17 Oct.  
    1840 Penny post introduced. 1841 Peirce FISHER age 40 at North Elham with Robert age 16  
    1846 Repeal of the Corn Laws -
Robert Peel resigns. 1848 Public Health Act.
1849 Robert & Sarah age 20 TAYLOR married at Cheriton
1850 ---- 1851 Great Exhibition opens in Hyde Park. 1851    
    1861 Post Office saving scheme introduced by Gladstone to encourage thrift amongst the humbler classes. 1861 Peirce age 55 at Well St. Elham
Robert age 36 farming at Swingfield
    1870 Women obtain rights to retain property after marriage. 1871 Robert age 46 at Black Bull Folkestone with David aged 4
Peirce2  age 73 & Mary at Mill Lane Folkestone with Clayson's. Peirce2 dies 1878.
    1881 Domestic electric light introduced. Education compulsory for children under 10. 1881 Robert age 57 at Winterage Farm Acris with David (Ted) aged 14  
    1989-1994 Local Authorities and Parish Councils created.
1897 Marconi patents radio.
1891 Robert widow age 66 with daughter Sarah at Cheriton
Ted, Emma age 24 at Upper Standing farm Hawkinge with Charles and Arthur & the Gibbens.
Ted & Emma move to Brambleton at Stelling Minnis
1900 ---- 1901 Victoria dies and is succeeded by Edward VII 1901 Ted & Emma at Mill Meadow Lyminge  
    1904 Entente Cordiale' is signed between Britain and France 1903 Ted & Emma at Palmstead, Farm Upper Hardres with Frederick Gibbens
1904 Mill House Lyminge built
    1908 Olympic Games open at White City in London 1908 Rene Fisher born at the Mill House  

1910 Edward VII dies and is succeeded by George V
1911 Robert dies at Mount Farm in Elham age 87 living with sister Elizabeth Sharp.
    1912 Titanic' sinks 1912 Uncle Arthur leaves for Canada on SS Lake Manitoba  
    1922 First BBC broadcasts from London (station 2LO). 1921 Arthur Fisher returns from Canada to manage Lyminge Mill  
    1925 Churchill returns Britain to the gold standard. 1924 David Edward died in Lyminge.  


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