The FISHER Grandmothers

.Maternal Grandfathers

Emma Fisher (Gibbens) b.1866 in Eastry d. 1943

Emma, daughter of Frederick Gibbens and Elizabeth Hopper, was born at Eastry. She disliked the old fashioned dresses she was expected to wear in her youth and became a very able dressmaker and specialised in Richelieu embroidery contributing regularly to church sales of work. Ted & Emma worked hard in their early days of marriage, earned their well staffed  lifestyle and Emma continued this industry in gardening and hosting regular family tennis, picnic and tea parties at the Mill, creating a disciplined comfortable domestic household. In 1943, Norah Rigden wrote of her,”I have always liked Mrs Fisher very much, so gentle, such pretty manners, which are not much found nowadays.”

Emma Gibbens

Mother & cousin Eileen; Emma & Ted; Daphne Gammon, Emma, myself, Belle; Emma & myself 1934; Emma  

Elizabeth Hopper b.1833 in Coldred

Elizabeth Hopper, born at Waldershare, Coldred, daughter of Robert and Rebecca Hopper, married Frederick Gibbens in 1861. Belle Fisher's Notes record, "She was a nice looking old lady who looked dignified and charming in her best black brocade dress and always wore a lace cap. She strongly disapproved of her granddaughter’s (Eva Gibbens, an apprentice dressmaker) short skirt when she came to visit at Ottinge Court. She gave her five shillings to buy another one.

 She was one of a struggling family of twelve. Her father, Robert Hopper died when young, leaving his youngest daughter age only 5. "She was of placid disposition, always telling humorous stories about the family and very particular about keeping the Sabbath.” - The 1851 Census shows her serving in the household of Rev Pledge in Eythorne before marrige to Frederick GIBBENS in 1861. Note - The Willis Tree site gives the husband of Rebecca as Robert HOPPER b. 1806 Coldred d. 1855 (age 48 at Eythorne when Elizabeth was age 22 but Sarah only 5) and his parents as William HOPPER b abt 1766 and Sarah GRANT b, 30 March 1793, Swingfield, Kent (Source )

Further search reveals a likely Pedigree of Elizabeth Hopper

Pedigree Elizabeth Hopper

Rebecca Hammond b.1811 in Cheriton


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