The Maternal Grandfathers

Maternal Grandmothers


David Edward Fisher b 1866

David Edward (Ted) Fisher, farmer, miller and agricultural merchant was born in 1866 at the Old Black Bull Inn and lived with father Robert at Winterage when he married Emma daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth Gibbens of Hawkinge Hall. Ted & Emma, both Baptists moved from Folkestone to Frederick Gibben’s Upper Standen Farm, Hawkinge and about 1891 took their first smallholding, Brambleton at Stelling Minnis. They had three sons and three daughters who were born, Charles (1886) & Arthur in Folkestone, Alec at Brambleton and Winnie, Belle and Rene (1909) in Lyminge.

David Edward Fisher

They moved to Lyminge in 1895, bought the White Windmill, built The Highlands, the Mill House and stables (1903), farmed Palmsted Court, Upper Hardres from 1905 to 1909 and bought Ottinge Court and Upper Farm, farming it from 1909 til 1918 when Charles died at 32, resuming management of the business until Arthur returned from Canada in 1921.  Both were Baptists active in the social and business community of Lyminge and Folkestone rearing and educating a lively family spanning forty years until Rene married in 1931. Ted died in 1924. The Fisher business prospered in the first two decades of the century in a rapidly growing village passing in turn to Charles then Arthur & Belle until 1941 when Emma widowed, sold and moved to Limes Farm Smarden, with the family items passing, after Belle died, to Eileen Selley as the daughter of the eldest son, Charles. Much of this wealth was lost after Ted's death in the depression to generosity and customers' unpaid bills.

Davis & Emma Fisher

David and Emma

Robert Fisher b 1823; bap 25 June 1824 at Elham


Robert Fisher, son of Pearce, was born in Elham in 1823 and  was baptised at Elham on 25 June 1824. He married Sarah Taylor at Cheriton on 13 October 1844 and farmed at Swingfield in the 1860s. He was landlord of the Black Bull Inn in the 60s and farmed at Winterage farm, Acrise in the 70s. Robert & Sarah had 11 children, several of whom died in infancy and were buried at Newington. Sarah died at Winterage, 13 Aug 1881, aged 52. Robert never worked after her death. He suffered from rheumatism and lived at various family locations until he died 4 March 1911,aged 88..

Robert Fisher


Frederick Gibbens bap. 1836 at Minster on Thanet


Frederick Gibbens was a miller and a farmer who married Elizabeth HOPPER in 1861.  He worked at and later took over Eastry Mill, where he lived with Elizabeth, three sons and two daughters. In 1874 he moved to the Winch Mill and the Bradstone Road water mill in Folkestone. Another move to Hawkinge Hall to farm and work the mill was followed  in 1887 with a move to Upper Standing Farm, then in 1891 to  Ittinge Farm at Elmstead, and to Palmstead Court at Upper Hardres to manage for son-in-law D.E. Fisher in 1905. Finally, when D.E. Fisher built the Mill House in Lyminge, Frederick moved to Ottinge Court where he died in 1909. Belle Fisher writes that he wouldn't buy anything he could make, At the age of 8 he was a skilled model maker using a pocket knife. Examples of this are a harrow and a horse roller, now with my son John Bates. He read a chapter of the Bible each evening - in a load voice, as he did the 'Ashford' paper "right through each week". On Sundays he and Elizabeth would walk to Whiteacre where a service was held in a room of the house. Both were Baptists.

John Gibbens bap. 1792 at Minster on Thanet

The marriage of John GIBBENS to Isabella TEVELEIN on the 17th October 1825 in Canterbury makes the link of the GIBBENS  FISHER and BATES families to the TEVELEIN family.



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