The Walloon & Stranger's Church


The church was not always limited to its present home in the Black Prince's Chantry in the Undercroft of Canterbury Cathedral. The space used varied with the volume of refugees and waned with their dispersal to other parish churches.

Some of the earliest THEVELIN mentions (1597) and others later in 1715  are in the Walloon Church records. The church underwent a revival and refurbishment in 1875 while  40 years earlier it was struggling with a congregation of seventy at monthly services and was  administered from London.

If you happen to be in Canterbury on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm, you could join a small gathering of Huguenot devotees and have the moving experience of Evensong in French that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


Tevelein Records in The Walloon Church


Name Native of Event Date Location Parents Supporting (P) Supporting (M)
Judith   bap 10 Oct 1582 Walloon Marie BLANCHARD Pierre VALONIE ; femme de Laurnt des BONUERIES  

Francois DE LA RUE

Armentiers m 12 Feb 1598 Walloon fille de feu Gilles    




m 29 Jan 1598 Walloon file de Louys TEUELIN

fils de feu Jan ROUSSEL

Albin    bap 1607 Walloon Pierre DE RICQUEBOURG & Susane TEVELEIN Jan DE RICQUEBOURG Adrian NICOLL Jane fue Albin RICQUEBOURG; Anne TEVELEIN
Isaac [3] TEVELIN Canterbury bap 21 Mar1708 Walloon Isaac [2] & Elizabeth OLIVE Abraham OLIVE Elisabeth DOSSELAR
Dina TEVELIN Canterbury bap 1 Jan1710 Walloon Isaac [2] & Elizabeth OLIVE Jacob OLIVE Dina OLIVE, femme de Jaques senior
Anne TEVELIN Canterbury bap 3 Jul 1715 Walloon Isaac [2] & Elizabeth OLIVE Jean OLIVE Anne DUTRY