St Peter Church


St Peter's in the High Street, was a church heavily attended by Huguenots but there are no TEVELIN records to be found.

The parish registers begin on September 9th 1590. By the middle of the 1600’s the parish of St Peter’s was the home of many Huguenot and Walloon refugees who had fled their countries to escape religious persecution. They brought with them their skills and crafts, in particular the weaving industry which flourished in Canterbury for nearly a century. Inside the church, on the north wall, is a brass commemorating these settlers who were buried in the church yard.


Tevelein Records in St Peter's


Name Native of Event Date Location Parents Supporting 1 (P) Supporting 2 (M)
Jacob TEULIN  of   St Mary's 


Canterbury Banns 20 Apr 1747 St Peter's