The French Protestant Church in Guines


                   Site of the Huguenot Temple                                       Site of Minister's House                                      Site of Huguenot Cemetery

The Temple at Guiness was the center of a French Protestant community. Likeminded families came from many nearby villages to worship and gather news.

The Church building consisted of a Temple, an Assembly Hall and the ministers residence. None have been preserved with any care and their present appearance demonstrates the trouble the Catholics went to to eliminate any record of the Huguenot movement in France after 1685.

As the sites are not built on, to any substantial extent, I am surprised the French authorities haven't been approached by the Huguenot Societies worldwide to mark these historical sites, if not with a Museum devoted to the Huguenot history then at least with informative plaques to guide visitors. Guines Information office is seemingly unaware of the traumatic events of history that their village saw. .

Tevelein Records in Guines

Name Native of Event Date Location Parents Supporting
Jacob [1] THEVELIN


Ofquerque & Guemp


m Feb 1675 FP Guines deff't Jean,  Marie BUNNE            

deff't Jacob & Marguerite

Pierre & Isaac THEVELIN Jacob DU FOUR - cousin germain   Jean COURTOIS - Great Uncle of bride
Isaac [1] THEVELIN
aged 24
Marcq                Commune de Guines m 14 Feb 1678 FP Guines Marie BUNNE          Pierre & deff't Marie DEZOBBY Pierre & Jacob THEVELIN Pierre & Jaques DU FOUR

Marie ROIRE, veuve de feu Jacob LE CONTE (38)


Guemp & St. Pierre

m 9 July 1679 FP Guines Marie BUNNE Isaac THEVELIN Jean CRAINS & Pierre LE SAGE
Matthieu MORILLON  Marie DOSSELART (31)   m 20 Apr 1681 FP Guines de feu  Jacob & d'eff Ester BERNARD Elizabeth,      
Elizabeth OLIVE Guines bap 22 Mar 1682 FP Guines Abrahan & Elizabeth BLANCHARD Abraham BLANQUART Ester BURETTE
veuf Isaac[1]  THEVELIN
aged 28            


Communine de Guines


m 14 Jun 1682 FP Guines Marie BUNNE (Besme) Jacob & deff't Ester BERNARD Jacob [1] THEVELIN Abraham DOSSELART  br & Matthieu MORILLON
veuf Abraham LE DOUX,

Marie TEVELIN widow Jean LE HOUCQ

Both of Poisse d'Oyes m 14 Jun 1682 FP Guines   Jeanne BIZOU  aunt & Jean MAILLIET cousin Germain Isaac [1] & Jacob [1] TEVELIN
Jacob[2] THEVELIN Fort Brule 28 Oct 1675 bap 9 Jan 1676 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER (Corrected) Isaac [1] THEVELIN Marie BUNNE
Marie THEVELIN Marcq  bap 31 Oct 1677 FPGuines Isaac[1] & Ester DU FOUR Abraham DU FOUR Marie MAGNIE 
Marie THEVELIN Marcq bap 21 May 1680 FP Guines Jacob [1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Isaac CARPENTER Marie CRETON
Suzane CHEVALLIER Marcq bap 25 Nov 1680 FP Guines Jacob CHEVALLIER & Margueritte COURTOIS  Isaac CARPENTER Jacob [1] TEVELEIN
Marie THEVELIN Marcq mort April 1679 FP Guines Jacob [1]&Anne CHEVALL    
Jacob[3] THEVELIN Fort Brule bap 18 Oct 1682 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Abraham DOSSELART Elizabeth DOSSELART of Marcq
Isaac [2] THEVELIN Marcq bap 26 Sep 1683 FP Guines Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART Jacob [1] THEVELIN Jeanne DOSSELART
Elizabeth THEVELIN Marcq  Born


28 Oct 84

1 Jan 1685

FP Guines Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART P...VAN HOUTE Jeanne LE SAGE
Anne THEVELIN Fort Brule bap 10 Jun 1685 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Abraham LE HOUCQ Marie LE SAGE