The French Protestant Church at Catzand


"Cadzand is a small village in Zeeland just over the Belgian border. The Protestant Church was established there in 1685.
England was already a haven. It was well known that many were finding a refuge there, moreover England was so near, the white cliffs were visible and business relations had existed for a long while. However Calais was always a borderland and many of its folk were Flemings and Flanders is of very close kin to Holland. Up to 1641 there had been a church in Marcq which had been in close communion with the Dutch Presbytery at Walcheren. Destroyed in 1641 by the Spaniards, the congregation was absorbed by Calais but communion continued with Holland. Many of those decided on flight chose rather to go to a land which, while as friendly as England, would not be so strange to them either in race or language. Nor would the going be so long, some 90 miles.

There was mention of Dover being  the daughter church of Calais along with Cadzand following the closure of Calais and of there being a dispute over ownership of communion cups and linen between Cadzand and Dover.

By 1693 the column of refugees fleeing to Holland was in ones and twos; no longer the battalions of 1685. By 1701 the Spanish Netherlands had become French". (From the Introduction of Vol.  36.)


Tevelein Records at Cadzand

Name Native of Event Date Location Parents Supporting      (P) Supporting    (M)
Abraham MORILLON Cadzand bap 12 Mai 1688 born 7 mai Cadzand Mathieu & Marie DOSSELART Abraham DOSSELART Elizabeth DOSSELART
Elizabeth THEVELIN Cadzand bap
3 Oct 1688
born 26 Sept
Cadzand Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART Jacob de la MARE Marie de l' ECLUZE ff de Jean de l' ECLUZE
Abegael THEVELIN Cadzand bap 13 Apr 1690
born 10 Apr
Cadzand Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART Jean LE SAGE
le j
Barbe del BAIGE
Jean THEVELIN Cadzand bap 2 Nov 1691
born 24 Oct
Cadzand Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART Jean CLINWEICQ Jenne ALLEBERT  j ff
Mary LE ROU Cadzand bap 11 Apr 1691
born 8 Apr
Cadzand Jacob & Suzanne BUGAIUGNE Isaac THÉVELIN
Isaac, Jacob, Jeane, Marie Suzanne Cadzand bap 1701 to 1714 Cadzand Abraham DOSSELART with wivese (1)Susanne de Zutte and (2) Sara le Clair    

Marie ROIRE, veuve de feu Jacob LE CONTE (38)


Guemp & St. Pierre

m 9 July 1679 FP Guines Marie BUNNE Isaac THEVELIN Jean CRAINS &
Pierre LE SAGE
Matthieu MORILLON  Marie DOSSELART (31) m 20 Apr 1681 FP Guines de feu  Jacob & d'eff Ester BERNARD Elizabeth,  
veuf Isaac[1] THEVELIN aged 28


Communine de Guines


m 14 Jun 1682 FP Guines Marie BUNNE (Besme) Jacob & deff't Ester BERNARD Jacob [1] THEVELIN Abraham DOSSELART  br & Matthieu MORILLON
Jacob[3] THEVELIN Fort Brule bap 18 Oct 1682 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Abraham DOSSELART Elizabeth DOSSELART of Marcq
Isaac [2] THEVELIN Marcq bap 26 Sep 1683 FP Guines Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART Jacob [1] THEVELIN Jeanne DOSSELART
Elizabeth THEVELIN Marcq  Born


28 Oct 1684

1 Jan 1685

FP Guines Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART P...VAN HOUTE Jeanne LE SAGE
Anne THEVELIN Fort Brule bap 10 Jun 1685 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Abraham LE HOUCQ Marie LE SAGE