Tevelein Family members fled to the Netherlands, America, England and later to Australia. The following is a summary of these movements, identifying the individuals times and destinations.

After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 and before the Edict of Toleration in 1787 some quarter of a million French Huguenots fled to countries such as Switzerland, Germany, England, America, the Netherlands, Poland and South Africa, where they could enjoy religious freedom.  An equal number were killed in France itself. Between 1618 and 1725. Some 5 000 sailed to the shores of America and in 1688 many emigrated to the Cape of Good Hope. Those who came from the French speaking south of Belgium, an area known as Wallonia, are known as Walloons.

Most of Isaac[3] TEVELEIN's descendents remained in England, the surname dying out as females married into English families. A strong occurrence of the family lives in Australia, some of them the descendents of John TEVELEIN who emigratedd in 1837  and of Amelia GIBBONS' children.

From To Date Family Leader Comment
Guines Cadzand 1685 Isaac[1] Visited Cadzand in 1683 and moved after the death in infancy of Elizabeth
Offenkerque Swalecliffe 1685- 1708 Jacob[1] Wife Anne CHEVALLIER  bur 1708 Swalecliffe
Cadzand Canterbury 1694-5 Isaac[1] With son Isaac[2] aged about 12 who died 1764 in FP Hospital London
Marcq Herne, Kent before 1706 Jacob[3] m Magdalen CLARK of Herne m 1706
Guines America     TEVLIN occurs frequently; search for family members continues.
Canterbury London   Isaac[2]  
Canterbury Launceston
1837 John Tevelein  
Canterbury Villages of Kent 1826 Isabella Tevelein Children born in and married in villages of Westmarsh, Wooton & Eastry


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