Churches with Family Records



The Protestant Church at Guines  (more)

This church was used by the THEVELEIN, CHEVALIER, DOSSELART and OLIVE families.

These marriages were celebrated there:

  • Jacob[1] THEVELEIN Anne CHEVALIER in 1675
  • Isaac[1] THEVELIN & Ester DU FOUR in 1677
  • Pierre THEVELIN & Marie ROIRE in 1679 Matthieu MORILLON & Marie DOSSELART in 1681
  • Isaac[1] THEVELEIN & Elizabeth DOSSELART in 1682
  • Marie TEVELEIN & Jean LE HOUCQ in 1682


  • Elizabeth OLIVE was baptised here in 1682
  • The children of Jacob[1] from 1676 to 1685 were baptised here.
  • And the children of Isaac[1] in 1683/5 before he left for the Netherlands.
  • Marie BUNNE witnesses the christening of Jacob[2] here in 1676.

The Protestant Church at Cadzand  (more)

Used by the THEVELIN and DOSSELART families in association with LE SAGE, MORILLON and LASELLE families. .

The Walloon or Strangers' Church  (more)

Used extensively by the OLIVE family for many baptisms from 1672 to 1762 and for Isaac[2]'s children whose wife of course was Elizabeth OLIVE. Louis THEVELIN and his three daughters, Marie, Jane and Susans were each married here between 1592 and 1606 when Susane remarried..  Francois DE LA RUE, Louys widow, was remarried here in 1602. Two of Jacque OLIVE's sons were married in this church, at the turn of the 17th to 18th Century, but no record of other TEVELEIN marriages has been seen.

Malthouse  (more)  

This is the Church of the ELVIN family. It is used regularly for the baptism of the children of Jacob[4] and Ester ELVIN from 1720 through to 1738.

StAlphage  (more)

You will find TEVELEIN records from 1723 to 1800.  This was the Huguenot's first church. It had to be shared with the parishioners and soon it was too small.

St Mildred (more)

TEVELIN records span the period from 1706 to 1762, notably with the marriage of Isaack[2] TAVELIN and Elizabeth OLIVE in 1706.

Threadneedle Street  (more)

Threadneedle Street was the largest and most important of the Huguenot churches in London. The records of baptism, marriage and burial for this church have been published by the Huguenot Society of London, in their Quarto series (volumes 9, 13, 16 & 23), with other records related to Threadneedle in volumes 38, 48, 54 & 58.

All Saint's, St Mary's and St Dunstan's  (more)

There are three further Churches where TEVELEIN records are to be found. Some history of these three churches may be found on the KENT FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY - CANTERBURY BRANCH WEBSITE.


TEVELEIN Family Records -  by Church

Name Native of Event Date Location Parents Supporting (P) Supporting(M)
Jacob [1] THEVELIN


Ofquerque & Guemp


m Feb 1675 French Protestant
 (FP) Guines
deff't Jean,  Marie BUNNE            

deff't Jacob & Marguerite

Pierre & Jacob THEVELIN Jacob DU FOUR - cousin germain   Jean COURTOIS - Great Uncle of bride
Isaac [1] Ester DU FOUR Marcq                Commune de Guines m Feb 1677 FP Guines Marie BUNNE         
 Pierre & deff't Marie DEZOBBY
Pierre & Jacob THEVELIN Pierre & Jaques DU FOUR

Marie ROIRE, veuve de feu Jacob LE CONTE (38)


Guemp & St. Pierre

m 9 July 1679 FP Guines Marie BUNNE Isaac THEVELIN Jean CRAINS & Pierre LE SAGE
Matthieu MORILLON  Marie DOSSELART (31)   m 20 Apr 1681 FP Guines de feu  Jacob & d'eff Ester BERNARD Elizabeth,      
Elizabeth OLIVE Guines bap 22 Mar 1682 FP Guines Abrahan & Elizabeth BLANCHARD Abraham BLANQUART Ester BURETTE
veuf Isaac[1]  THEVELIN            


Communine de Guines


m Jun 1682 FP Guines Marie BUNNE (Besme) 
Jacob & deff't Ester BERNARD
Jacob [1] THEVELIN Abraham DOSSELART  br & Matthieu MORILLON
veuf Abraham

Marie TEVELIN widow Jean

Both of Poisse d'Oyes m 14 Jun 1682 FP Guines   Jeanne BIZOU  aunt & Jean MAILLIET cousin Germain Isaac [1] & Jacob [1] TEVELIN
Jacob[2] THEVELIN Fort Brule 28 Oct bap 9 Jan 1676 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER (Corrected) Isaac [1] THEVELIN Marie BUNNE
Marie THEVELIN Marcq  bap 31 Oct 1677 FPGuines Isaac[1] & Ester DU FOUR Abraham DU FOUR Marie MAGNIE 
Marie THEVELIN Marcq bap 21 May 1680 FP Guines Jacob [1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Isaac CARPENTER Marie CRETON
Suzane CHEVALLIER Marcq bap 25 Nov 1680 FP Guines Jacob CHEVALLIER & Margueritte COURTOIS  Isaac CARPENTER Jacob [1] TEVELEIN
Marie THEVELIN Marcq mort April 1679 FP Guines Jacob [1]&Anne CHEVALL    
Jacob[3] THEVELIN Fort Brule bap 18 Oct 1682 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Abraham DOSSELART Elizabeth DOSSELART of Marcq
Isaac [2] THEVELIN Marcq bap 26 Sep 1683 FP Guines Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART Jacob [1] THEVELIN Jeanne DOSSELART
Elizabeth THEVELIN Marcq  Born


28 Dec 84

1 Jan 1685

FP Guines Isaac[1] & Elizabeth DOSSELART P...VAN HOUTE Jeanne LE SAGE
Anne THEVELIN Fort Brule bap 10 Jun 1685 FP Guines Jacob[1] & Anne CHEVALLIER Abraham LE HOUCQ Marie LE SAGE
Judith   bap 10 Oct 1582 Walloon Marie BLANCHARD Pierre VALONIE ; femme de Laurnt des BONUERIES  

Francois DE

Armentiers m 12 Feb 1598 Walloon fille de feu Gilles    




m 29 jan 1598 Walloon file de Louys TEUELIN

fils de feu Jan ROUSSEL

Albin    bap 1607 Walloon Pierre DE RICQUEBOURG & Susane TEVELEIN Jan DE RICQUEBOURG Adrian NICOLL Jane fue Albin RICQUEBOURG; Anne TEVELEIN
Isaac [3] TEVELIN Canterbury bap 21 March 1708 Walloon Isaac [2] & Elizabeth OLIVE Abraham OLIVE Elisabeth DOSSELAR
Dina TEVELIN Canterbury bap 1 Jan1709/10 Walloon Isaac [2] & Elizabeth OLIVE Jacob OLIVE Dina OLIVE, femme de Jaques senior
Anne TEVELIN Canterbury bap 3 Jul 1715 Walloon Isaac [2] & Elizabeth OLIVE Jean OLIVE Anne DUTRY
Marie CAILHEAU Canterbury bap 7 Sep 1715 Malt-house Jean C & Anne LA PLACE Jean BLANCHARD Elizabet TEUELIN
Isaac [4] TEVELIN Canterbury bap 4 Jul 1719 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Isaac [2] TEVELIN  Isaac ELVEN Elizabeth TEVELIN
Jacob TEVELIN Canterbury bap 6 Nov 1720 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN    
Jaques LE DUC Canterbury bap 9 Jul 1721 Malt-house Jean LE DUC Judith LE FEBURE   Marie TEVELIN
Elisabeth TEVELIN Canterbury bap 16Sep 1722 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Jaques MARQUILLEY Jean BLANCHAR Marie TEVELIN Pierre LE SUEUR
Marie TEVELIN Canterbury bap 22 Sep 1724 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Guillaume BRADFORD Marie ELVIN Elizabeth TEVELIN Pierre LE SUEUR
Elizabeth BLANCHAR Canterbury bap 5 Feb 1725 Malt-house Jean & Anne BLANCHAR    
Mathieu TEVELAIN Canterbury bap 23 Apr 1726 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Mathieu LAMPAR Marie DU PONS     Pierre LE SUEUR
Ester TEVELIN Canterbury bap 8 Mar 1728 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Mathieu LAMPAR Elizabeth TEVELIN Pierre LE SUEUR
Sara TEVELIN Canterbury bap 29 Jun1729 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Isaac TEVELIN Marie DU PON  Elizabeth TEVELIN Pierre LE SUEUR
Jeanne TEVELIN Canterbury bap 14 Jan 1730 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Pierre BURETTE Marie DU BOC Elizabeth BOULANGER
Jean TEVELIN Canterbury bap 10 May 1733 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Jean BLANCHARD Jeanne MORGINPierre LE SUEUR
Ester TEVELIN Canterbury bap 26 Apr 1735 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Isaac TEVELEIN Elizabeth TEVELIN Elizabeth BLAIS  Pierre LE SUEUR
Benjamin TEVELIN Canterbury bap 23 Oct 1736 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Pierre TOURTEAU Gillaume L'OR Marie BERNARD Pierre LE SUEUR
Pierre TEVELIN Canterbury bap 24 Sep 1738 Malt-house Jacob [4] & Ester ELVEN Jean DEGUIN Jean DANBRIAN Dina TEVELIN Pierre LE SUEUR

Mary ALLEN -



m 3 Jan 1723 St Alphage   Earliest mattiage  
Sacar HOLT




m 13 Jan 1732 St Alphage      
Hester TIFLAINE Canterbury bap 9 Sep 1757 St Alphage Peter & Jane Earliest Christening  
Benjamin TIBLAIN Canterbury bap 19 Jan 1764 St Alphage Jacob & Martha    
    ?       TIVELAIN           Canterbury bap 18Mar 1764 St Alphage daughter of  Peter & Jane    
Benjamin TIVELAIN (22)

Sarha HILLS (30)

Canterbury m 24Dec 1786 St Alphage Spr    
Charles TIVELIEN Canterbury bap 19Nov 1797 St Alphage James & Lucy Maria    
Charles TIVELIEN Canterbury d 7Mar 1800 St Alphage   Latest recorded burial  
John TEVELEIN Canterbury bap 13 May 1804 St Alphage James & Lucy-Maria Lamberton    

Magdalen CLARKE



m 29May1706 St Andrews      
Catherine TEVELEIN Canterbury bap 8 May 1778 St Andrews Richard & Mary    
Richard TEVELEIN Canterbury bap 26Oct 1780 St Andrews Richard & Mary    


Canterbury Banns 20 Apr 1747 St Mary's

St Peter's

Mathew TIVELAIN   d 7 Mar1800 St Mary's      
Cordelia TIVELAIN Canterbury bap 13 Mar 1810 St Mary's daughter of James & Lucy Buried 13 oct 1811  
Isaack TAVELIN (Isaac [2]

Elizabeth OLIVE



m 18 June 1706 St Mildred's      
Abraham TEVALIEN Canterbury d 16 Jul 1715 St Mildred's s/o Isaac TEVALIEN    
Mary TEVELINE Canterbury d 3 Nov 1723 St Mildred's d/o Isaac TEVELINE    
Jacob TEVELINE Canterbury d 14 Apr 1725 St Mildred's s/o Isaac TEVELINE    
Elizabeth TEVELINE Canterbury d 1 Sept 1733 St Mildred's wife of Isaac TEVELINE    
Elizabeth EMMS Canterbury bap 18 May 1740 St Mildred's d/o James EMMS & Dinah    
Benjamin TIVELEIN  Canterbury bap 12 Aug 1754 St Mildred's s/o Isaac & Ann TIVELEIN    
James TEVELIN Canterbury d 21 Jun 1762 St Mildred's s/o Isaac TEVELIN    


Canterbury m 27 Sep 1748 All Saints botp St. Mildred    

 Sarah Allen

Canterbury m 15 May 1749 All Saints botp St. MIldred    
John TEVELAIN (59) Canterbury Bur 7 Feb 1793 All Saints  from St. Mildred    
Susan TEVELIN, (70) Canterbury Bur 20 Feb 1810 All Saints widow of John from St. Mildred    


Canterbury m 6 May 1788 St Dunstan's
Estiene TIVELIN Amsterdam Wit 24 Jun 1705 Threadneedle      
Anne TIVELIN   Wit. 28 Apr 1745 Threadneedle