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Brick Wall Strategies

Identifying and listing Brick Walls provides a useful "To Do" list for further research.


Tevelein Brick Walls

The place and date of birth and marriage of Jean THEVELIN (c b1618
See also Letter from Huguenot Society 1966

The link between Louis THEVELIN and Jean.

The DOB and parentage of the Jacob who married Ester ELVIN. The Jacob[2] b 1676 probably died in infancy because Jacob[1]Isaac and Anne CHEVALLIER had a second Jacob[3] b  1682

Was the Jacob[3 ] born to Jacob[1] and Anne CHEVALLIER in 1682 the same Jacob[7] who married Magdalen CLARK at St Andrew's in 1706?

Finding the date and place of death of Elizabeth b 1684 to Isaac[1] would determine more accurately when he and Elizabeth DOSSELART moved to Cadzand although it was probably soon after her baptism which was three days after her birth.

Elizabeth Olive's father was Abraham OLIVE born c1643. and she was born March 1682. Jacques OLIVE  born c1645 was married to Marie VERRE. born c1650 . Jacques & Marie had eight children baptised at the Walloon Church in Canterbury between 1672-1690.
Were Abraham and Jacques brothers? This link would connect Andrea Vogel, who is a descendant of Jacques, to the TEVELEIN family

The statement that Jean THEVELIN was a member of the Church of England has been posted on the IGI. Knowing the source of this statement would reveal valuable unknown detail of Jean's early years.

Pierre Le Roy TEVELEIN b.1643  Born in Gwemp, France


Fisher Brick Walls

Pierce FISHER  b 30 Sept 1770 in Lyminge. Evidence of a link to son, Pearce b 1799 as IGI suggests.  A marriage record for Pearce FISHER b1799 and Mary COURT might resolve this.

Also the father of Pierce b 1770 may be Robert as IGI suggests but no record found.

Bates Brick Walls

The father of Peter BATES b: 1801
The father of James Jones BATES b. 1864

Gibbens Brick Walls

The ancestry of Annis Vernon GIBBENS b. 1900