James Jones Bates & Elizabeth (Waters)



James 'Jones' BATES

Headcorn - James Jones Bates Early days

James Bates was born in Headcorn 18 April 1864 in the family home of his Grandfather Peter BATES, later living with his Grandmother Jane. He apprenticed as a bricklayer. In 1874 his mother Ann Mary Bates married Charles Everest.

The name James Jones Bates

1. The name James JONES Bates appears on his birth certificate
2. The name in subsequent Census is James Bates and the name in 1871 census becomes James JOHN Bates

The clue to James Bates may be in his birth Certificate. A search for JONES in the Hollingbourn district and indeed wider has so far failed.

The fate of my GGrandmother Mary Ann Bates is explained by her marriage in 1874 to Charles EVEREST witnessed by her father Peter Bates in Headcorn. In the 1891 Census she is found living as a widow and family in Ashford and later alone in 1901 in West Ashford

Headcorn - Marriage & Family

James Jones BATES was born in Headcorn on 16 April 1864, married Elizabeth 'Betsy' WATERS (Q1 1885) and had a large family of 16 with 13 children surviving infancy.

Sibbling Year Born Spouse
George BATES 1885 Elmsted Amelia PAGE  
Lizzie BATES 1893 Elmsted Jim  LANGLEY  
Fred BATES 1886 Elmsted ALICE  
'Nan' Hannah BATES 1889 Elmsted Harry DRAKE  
'Jim' James BATES 1891 Elmsted Nellie GARDNER
Mary 'May' BATES 1892 Elmsted 'Farie' SIMMONDS  
'Ted' Edward BATES 1895 Elmsted Annie' GARDNER  
Hetty' Harriet BATES 1896 Margate Albert 'Bert' KING  
Harry BATES 1897 Margate Alice THOMPSON  
Lottie BATES 1899 Dover    
Millie BATES 1904 Dover Albert MARSH  
Jack BATES 1906 Dover Hilda Irene FISHER  
Horace BATES 1908 Dover GLADYS OXLADE  

The following records cover the period of his life through to his residence in Dover with Elizabeth.

Timeline and Location Chart

Marriage Peter BATES and Jane  
James Jones Birth Certificate
1851 Census Headcorn
1881 Census Headcorn - James living with Grandmother Jane
1881 Census Ashford - Mary Ann with Charles EVOREST
Marriage of Mary Ann BATES and living in Ashford as a widow and alone.
Marriage of James and Elizabeth BATES
1911 Census Dover

Elizabeth "Betsy" BATES née WATERS


Birth, Marriages and Deaths pages in the BATES family Bible

Marriages Deaths

Ancestral Tree of Elizabeth WATERS

WatersNorris Tree

Marriage George WATERS and Mary NORRIS

WatersNorris Marriage

The ancestral tree of Elizabeth WATERS is compiled with information from the BATES Bible and entries in www.Hastingleigh.com - Elmsted Parish records, confirmed by the marriage certificate (1847) for George WATERS and Mary. (This Bible was generously gifted to my son Jeremy John BATES by Barbara BATES in 2010.)

George WATERS was the proprietor of the TIMBER BATTS in Elmsted from 1859

History of The Timber Batts.   This extract is from http://www.thetimberbatts.co.uk/

       "In 1833, with greatly improved roads, a licence was granted to sell to the pub1ic in general. The house was given the title of the Prince of Wales. The first keeper of the inn was one Frances Waters a farmer and grazier of the parish. It remained in their families hands until 1894, though still controlled by the estate of Honywood. The land belonging to the inn was farmed till 1859 when it was taken over by George Waters, carpenter and beer seller of the parish. The inn remained part of the Honywood estate until 1960 when it was sold to a private buyer, one Edward Anning who carried out extensive refurbishments during the course of which in 1963 he changed the name to that of the present Timber Batts, said to be called so because of a nearby timber yard that produced timber battens or batts." Full article and image in PDF 



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