In search of religious freedom

 from   Guines   

VIA CaDzand

to  Canterbury  

      TO  Australia  and  America

About This Site


In some early family notes , I read," Very little is known of the TEVELEIN family. It is believed they were French Huguenots." Discussing this with my Aunty Isabelle FISHER, she invited me to write to The Huguenot Society in London to see if we could discover more detail. Here is the reply.

Satisfying that it is to have traced branches of one's family back many generations and then to have refined some of the detail, there is always the pressing knowledge that brick walls still exist and sources haven't been recorded correctly. I find a website is a good way of organising information and inviting friends and relations to contribute to the shared pool of knowledge.

An earlier version of this site achieved this goal. With the help of many cousins in Australia, known as the TEVring, the TEVELEIN tree was completed back to Jean TEVELEIN c1618 and on its back I floated research into my FISHER, BATES and GIBBENS branches. One Australian cousin in the TEVELEIN - GIBBENS family, namely Arthur COOK, visited the UK in the summer of 2009 and we spent a delightful week together. This motivated me to resume publication of this site and to include his further researches into BUNDELL, PERRY and DEAL.

This site aims to recount the stories of John and Prudence Tevelein, first family settlers in Australia, link those families descendent from Jean Thevelin, their relocation out of Guines to Canterbury and beyond and to review issues such as the various spellings of our family name and the Churches they attended.

The thread of propriety running through the early centuries of the TEVELEIN family and some related families has made the discovery of ancestral records possible. Of others we will never know their names. Some, because records were destroyed by conflict or persecution, others where the battle to survive overrode conformity to religious or civil order and some because records were never kept.

We would appreciate anyone reading this, please make contact so we can share any snippets of information that will help progress.